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Two-Thousand-and-Fort-ZINE !

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Me & My 'Zines

Hey there. My name's Tasha. I'm a mum of 2 boys & 4 chickens. We live with my best friend/husband in a house that I adore, despite the fact that it's falling down around us. My husband & I are in a 3 piece instrumental prog rock band, Upside Ictus. He writes comics, I make zines. I've been known to get carried away with life, and glue.

I'm occasionally a workshop facilitator for #AZineThing, during which I get to cut and paste things with primary school children & discuss diy self publishing, underground media & the importance of identity with teens. I've been involved in one community zine project, and have plans for another. Life is busy and *awesome.

*most of the time.

I've been told I write like I talk. I'm not sure if this is a disclaimer, apology or an excuse. I write what I know, or struggle to understand. Most of my writing is personal, rarely edited and most importantly, for myself.

The pricing of my zines reflects their production costs and all money from sales go back into more making, printing and postage costs. If you're a local stamp away I would rather trade than sell. I enjoy reading zines as much as making them, so if you'd like to trade, just ask. 

Zines currently available via me (here):

* ISSUE #14 "How do you take it?" Perzine; 2014, the earlier thoughts, notable moments, ideas, thus far, the new year. 1/4 sized 16 pg, $1 AU or trade

* ISSUE #13 "How do you take it?" Perzine; Winter, moments of discovery consumed by thought. bnw cut n paste 1/4 sized 32pg, $2 AU or trade

Contact me here on wmz, or you can leave me bread crumbs through www.lifeasawhitepickettfence.wordpress.com

or a_perfect_turtle@hotmail.com

or you can always send snail mail requests, trades, critical letters etc to me here:

Tasha, PO Box 15, Mt Eliza, Vic   3930, Australia

I sell other zines + art + things here: 

Life as a white picket fence. | madeit.com.au


Other previously written zines include..............

ISSUE #1 "How do you take it?" Theories I have about me, DIY hairdressing, Boobs, Tea? Coffee?? and a simple recipe for date slice. bnw, 24pg 1/4 size available for $2 AU or trade

ISSUE #2 'How do you take it?' Street Art? Zine Fair, Family Antics, Celebrations, Toast Sculpting & a recipe for a pecan thing.. Tasty. bnw 44pg 1/4 size available for $2 AU or trade

ISSUE #3 'How do you take it?' The year that plots to kill me, new beginnings and mental adjustments for a new year bnw cut and paste as always! $2 AU or trade :)

ISSUE #4 'How do you take it?' On Love, Life & Learning, bitter sweet? or hot/cold self reasoning?? have a read, and let me know ;) bnw cut and paste per usual! $2 AU or trade.

ISSUE #5 'When thoughts turn ugly..' don't ask.

ISSUE #6 "In response to myself.." Sometimes we have to stop, breathe, reevaluate and move on... bnw cut and paste (it's what I do ;) 1/4 size, 12pages, $1 AU or trade

ISSUE #7 How do you take it? In the heat of a new year..  I survived 2011, that season of festive depression etc.. so now what to expect? bnw cut and paste 1/4 size, morethanusualpages, $1 AU or trade

ISSUE#8 HDYTI? "I'm not so sure on anything anymore.." Importance of things, life and what really matters.. I write of identity and struggles in family, as a parent what I face (as per usual ;) bnw, cut and paste, 20pg 1/4 size, $2 AU or trade <3







Other projects of mine...

# Life as a white picket fence - pregnancy, parenthood and persistence for normality, b&w only, 16pg 1/4 size available for $1 AU or trade

# Age and Circumstance - my head space from 2001-07, diary entry notes/rants/short pieces, all hand written but the story of 'getting the book', 1/2 size b&w copies available only for trade, or $2 AU, colour printed copies available only on request as costs so much more than anticipated!!)

# Moments like these - Pretty hand written/drawn/sketched/painted 12 pg 1/2 sized bnw poetically poised short zine, centerfold sketch of me by veronica fisher voncantwrite.blogspot.com ; available for $1 AU or trade

# cut up the old - a tale of sorts; featuring 4 definable moments based on distorted, mirrored and possibly somewhat fictional recollections of an alcoholic. 16 pg 1/4 sized bnw, available for $2 AU or trade

# Stitch This! - a small 1/4 size bnw, cut n paste, with a few cross stitch patterns to try out, a bit of fun :) $1 AU or trade

#Still Stitchin'! is another small 1/4 size bnw, cut n paste, with a few more cross stitch patterns to try out w/motivational insert :D $1 AU or trade

# One of the boys - personal issues came to the surface after stumbling upon old written journals of mine and caused me to write/glue this up into what resulted in a bit of an insight to a younger me. 1/4 sized, bnw, cut and paste, ...pages, $2 AU or trade

# Desire is a blue & white checked tablecloth - Limited edition run, bnw text print w/fabric cover, an almost a story of someone I used to know.

# Petless - A short bnw, cut and paste, hand typed explanation as to why we are petless, includes brief notes on previously known furry things. $1 AU or trade

# T shirt material. Not literally - Mini bnw hand drawn, text slogan stencil ideas for t's I'm yet to make. 50c AU or trade


# Y YOUNG? - A Compilation, A Discussion, About Generation Y, By Gen Yer's. Includes survey responses, discussions, artwork, opinions and an article by Lee Zachariah.. join the discussion! 32pg 1/2 sized bnw, available for $4 AU or trade

# She couldn't help herself - #1 'on sleep' experiences, art, reflections and contemplation on sleep or the lack of... 1/2 size, bnw, cut and paste with amazing centerfold of what's in vons bed!... $5 AU (sorry, no trades)

#THIS IS FRANKSTON - A community zine project instigated by #AZineThing, views about Frankston by those who know it best, its residents and frequent visitors of the area. 1/2 sized, BnW, cut n paste, mixed media, etc. Limited run print, FREE if you can get your hands on one. You can also check out thisisfrankston.tumblr.com 

....and a few mini 'zines, by my then 3yr old, now 6 1/2 & 4yr old kick arse kids, bastian black & gabriel grimm and myself (Book of a Monster, Mr. Spider *the musical, Dinosaurs V's Robots etc)

Tasha's Blog

Zines are what they are;

Posted on November 21, 2011 at 5:07pm 0 Comments

and I love that about them.

It is the abscense of guidlines and boundaries of this format that make zines, making/reading/enjoying them such a pleasure to me. I need an outlet that I can express myself in around the stupid hours i keep, i'm a pro cut and paster (or so i tell my kids!) and love love love the 'not-knowing' how my end of project product will turn out.

I have been gifted some interesting books that specifically…


She couldn't help herself...

Posted on June 27, 2011 at 3:56am 0 Comments

I have decided, in a very round about way, long story of attempts of creating a collaborative zine turned ongoing collaborative project of sorts... ahem.. that I will be spending special zine time with some of my nearest and dearest girl friends, chosen topic, speand a day/night/week/end or two.. and see what we come up with.


the result? check out Issue #1 "She couldn't help herself" collaborative project by (me) Tasha lifeasawhitepicketfence.wordpress.com and Veronica Fisher…


Life as a white picket fence

Posted on August 11, 2010 at 5:48am 0 Comments

This has been a long time coming. My eldest son is now 3 yrs old, and most of what I have written on here has come from things felt/experienced during the earliest of stages of parenthood. I love my boys. They are my world. Getting them here, that's a whole other story. This zine depicts just a few of the raw sentiments I felt necessary to explore in script. This was important for me, more so than sharing, but if you do by chance get to read this, remember it's personal, but not intended to be… Continue

making it shorter?

Posted on August 10, 2010 at 7:27am 0 Comments

having difficulty keeping my head and short, precise, condensed and limited where possible the content and over all length of pending 'zine 'life as a white picket fence' so as to get it out and done like a bandaid! plus, shorter rants, i have concluded, short result in a higher likely hood that they will get read. SO, it will be. and quite possibly finished before the debut, as i am growing weary of its existence before it;s been born.. quite a worry really, eh?!

so it is, such is life,… Continue

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At 1:01am on January 29, 2014, britt b. said…
Hey! Your rant zine idea sounds great! But what's the deadline for submissions?
At 5:18am on January 26, 2014, Lee Taylor said…

Heya Tash! Yeah, it's been a while via this page! Glad you got all of my stuff okay, and thank for posting around about 'The Screever'; sorry for the overload of copies in the post! I hope that was okay and that you can find something to do with them! And thanks again for offering to run them into Sticky; very kind of you :) hope you enjoy the Photocopier and Zine fair, and pick up some good stuff; keep me posted on anything exciting that happens over there; hope you're all very well :D

At 2:03am on January 25, 2014, Mike Nobody said…


At 3:24am on December 9, 2012, Lubomyr Tymkiv said…

We invite you to take part in the First International Exhibition "ZINESHOW" in Ukraine. Participation is free. Any technique. Any theme and format. No return. Deadline: 15/04/2013. Exhibition on the blog http://zineshow.blogspot.com All works will be exhibited also in the gallery "tymutopiyapres" http://tymutopiyapres.blogspot.com is not a commercial gallery. Welcomed but not "necessarily" summary of your zine or about you or your creative work (this is necessary for further elucidation of the project and possible documentation). Zines for the exhibition please send air mail: "Zineshow" A/C 9875, Sadivnycha 19/1, 79038, Lviv, Ukraine. mailposht[.]gmail[.]com

At 5:50am on July 9, 2012, nat said…

hello hello hello... well final touches to june's pfn have just been completed, now need to sneak in some photocopy time at work ;)  thank you so much for kind words about pfn:) who'd have thought i'd still have plenty to say about canberra after 6 months!!! and i'm glad you enjoy the music scribbles... thinking i might put together a seperate zine about my posters early next year (in the same vain as venessa berry's band t-shirts - love that zine). i'm actually coming to melbourne next month. i've a british friend who'll be in mtown for the melb film fest, so i'm making my way down there. PLUS. sticky have asked it it be cool to launch the july issue of PNF whilst i was there. so if you can get into town on the 11th august, launch is from 3-4pm, well it would well nice to meet you :) take care. nat

At 5:28am on June 26, 2012, nat said…

hey hey tasha... thank you so much for the ad:) key the spooky music, as chiara (fellow canberra zinester - who does rheotorical) and i were just speaking about you the other day! well chiara was, and then she gave me a couple of your zines to read! they're well good! as it's getting towards the end of the month, i'll be putting together my monthly zine 'pony for now - the canberra chronicles' together - i'll put a wee package together and send 'em on down your way:) you take care. nat :)

At 6:26pm on May 4, 2012, Nichole said…

OMG Tasha, it has been entirely too long. Are you still at the same address? I have zines to catch you up on! What is the last issue of mine that you have? Hope all is well/

At 10:09pm on March 23, 2012, Dawn Wood said…

I'm really interested in both the Y YOUNG and Age and Circumstances Issues (okay, all of them sound great but that would be some crazy postage, LOL), so whichever one is easiest for you to send. Shoot me an email feministzinester@gmail so we can swap addresses! I have two I can send you, one was done by the group I make the Zine for before I came onboard and this new one is my first since taking over as the "maker".

At 1:44am on February 26, 2012, Carlos Palacios Hidalgo said…

i would love to trade with you,are you up for trades?????

At 9:48am on December 9, 2011, Sarah said…

hey tasha! wow, you have sooo many zines to choose from! i'd love a copy of 'how do you take it' #1 if that is okay? i am happy to post to aus, i'm in the uk, is that okay with you? x



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