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At 6:59am on July 8, 2010, sterile said…
ti ho mandato il mio indirizzo via PM
Approposito di carceri: l'hai letto Doing Time di Kazuichi Hanawa? Io l'ho amato e mi ha molto ispirato nel mio primo numero di Unemployment che parla anche del giappone
At 1:50am on December 12, 2009, Izalixe Straightheart said…
yes, still making zines!! Well, I was on hiatus for a while... unemployed, depression, problems etc but I'm coming back and hopefully I'll have a zine out for Xmas :) I've missed it!!
At 5:46am on November 23, 2009, Noisy Fanzine said…
Hi Gianni - I finally got around to updating the fanzine reviews section on my site! www.noisyzine.co.uk/zines.html including orga{ni}sm - sorry it took so long and hope you are well! Sophia
At 5:35pm on June 11, 2009, blackgash said…
Hi Gianni

Machida huh? I used to live there for my sins but I live in Koenji now.

I cant give you much insight into the Japanese zine 'scene' as we have only been 'zining' since last November.
Our next copy is going to be done maybe by beginning of july.
Take it easy,
At 7:33am on June 6, 2009, Madrea Marie said…
I also have a 6 yr old step daughter (She'll be 7 in a week). She's probably the most work. My 4 yr old is very calm natured, like me, my 2 yr old is absolutely crazy, but in a funny way.
Yeah I'd like to read the prison zine, I featured some letters from Cassidy Wheeler in my zine. I'd also like to read whatever else you can send! I'll email you my address.
At 7:07am on June 6, 2009, Madrea Marie said…
It was in Media Junky that I read the review for your zine. It was a good review:) If you'd like to swap zines, I still have a few ( just a few!) copies of my zine left. My son whose pictures you'd seen in Last Laugh, he's 4 now. I also have a 2 yr old now:)
At 8:29am on June 4, 2009, Madrea Marie said…
Hi Gianni! When I saw you had commented me I thought "Hey I know him! Or rather I know who he is! Wonder if he knows who I am...." Yeah I've read a few of your zines passed down from my dad. I recently read a review of a joint zine by you in some zine review sent to me by Christopher Robin. My dad no longer does the Last Laugh, but he is still writing about his experiences with getting a DUI in Texas.
At 1:43am on June 4, 2009, blackgash said…
I'm a foreigner.

Have put out a couple of fanzines here under the title "Black Gash". Just big folded A3 size as its cheap and easy to produce/photocopy at work..Mainly stories, poems, gigs worth going to.We might put one out in July -see how things go.
Where in Yokohama are you?
At 3:17pm on May 25, 2009, Stephanos said…
Bit wet and dreary at the moment. Been on a 12mile walk todday though which was good fun.

I got your split zine on prisons/law and order from andrew culture and found it really informative. Are you sending others his way?
At 5:04pm on April 3, 2009, You Don't Get There From Here said…
Looks like a good week for me to start drawing buildings that I have never personally seen...yet I have photographic evidence of their existence, delivered to me in an envelope mailed from Japan. Hmmm...what could I possibly be talking about?
At 7:17pm on February 19, 2009, James N. Dawson said…
Gianni, thanks for the invitation & kind words. It's nice to feel appreciated! Yes, of course I remember our trade! Tell you what. I'll send you my latest zine, Xeens & Things 21 (the final issue). It's one of my least "visual", but Joey Torrey did a great clown picture for the front cover and Juan Maldonado did the back with some sort of Aztec/Mayan motif). And if you get a yen to copy it, or cannabalize it for your mail art, go right ahead. It'd be an honor! If you like it, maybe you can send me a zine or some mail art in return. It'd be up to you. Be seein' ya around!
At 1:31pm on February 15, 2009, George said…
Sorry it has taken me ages to reply to you sending me your rubbish. I want to thankyou so very much :-D. It was great to receive something in another language. The little tickets are so cute. Anyways this project has been sitting in my head for to lon and I can't wait to start. Thanks again. George :-)
At 7:46pm on December 29, 2008, Misti Ko said…
Sorry, I forgot to tell you (I'm blaming it on too much Christmas turkey - actually we had crab curry on Christmas, but I had too much of that too!)

I LOVE the piece you wrote for my zine. I'm not changing a thing. So you're Italian, live in Japan and wrote that well in English! You must have lived in an
English speaking place at some time. Thank you so much.

I will most definately send you a copy once the zine is done.
At 4:55am on November 12, 2008, Adam Pasion said…
Of all the things I waste my time on, drinking is one of the least addictive! haha! I really need to stop downloading crappy TV is what I need to do. Is Carrie on here yet, somebody oughtta invite her if she isn't
At 11:13am on November 8, 2008, George said…
yep, the smiley face has to have a nose its only fair lol :-). I would love some Japanese ephemera that would be really great. Thankyou so much. If you could please send it here:
82A North End Road
W14 9ES

At 12:08am on November 5, 2008, Kris M. said…
HAH! I did the same thing: re-read my piece in Syn Prod to see if it was any good. And, of course, it was... HAH! loved your piece, by the way. that Denpa Shonen sounds insane! poor Nasubi...
At 1:19pm on November 4, 2008, Corina Fastwolf said…
Hi, yes a collaboration would be fabulous!. Why don't you email me at cfastwolf@hotmail.com ?
Phlox moved from Maryland to TN, and I have a temporary address for her there, but not with me here at work...it's at home. I haven't heard much from here the past month since she started a whole new job, had to sell her house out East and relocate with her husband to TN. So if we do a collaboration, it might have to be when things settle down a bit. But thanks for connecting, and I hope we can do something fun and sweet : )
At 12:03pm on October 31, 2008, Kris M. said…
Johnny Boy! Just received the new Syndicate Product today. The TV issue! I see that you & I both have stories in it. Haven´t had a chance to read it yet. Looking forward to this evening... a cold beer & a zine. And then maybe a couple more cold beers... I know you don´t drink. That´s fine by me, leaves more beer for me! And count me in on the 70th anniversary of the photocopier project!!! More details please... Un saludo amigo mio, Yank
At 7:05am on October 23, 2008, Katie said…
Hello, I just read your comment in the forums about this being the 70th anniversary of the invention of the photocopy machine. Wonderful! I didn't know this and I'm very glad to have learned it. I do zine workshops and I'll be sure to talk about this from now on. If you do that mail art project on the subject I'd love to be a part of it, or see the finished product. I'll email you with my address & maybe we could do a trade. Thank you! Katie
At 6:48pm on October 15, 2008, Jethrobot Press said…
Japan is awesome, you are lucky to be living there!!! I have been twice, I married my wife there and hope to return there someday with my wife and live in Japan permanently. my zine about Japan is all about the things i love about Japan, fashion, music, places to visit, food. The first issue is going to focus on my visit to Hakone.

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