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At 5:26am on August 24, 2015, Francesca said…

wow yr WMZ wall is a parade of me me me me. Anyways. I lost the credentials for my twitter login, that's a shame! I'll do an other one. No I actually owe you a note w unsolicited comments on da zines. I was reading the tour diary part and I happen to read some three pages out loud to a friend cuz it waz entertaining. I'd rather my thing with Pet Rat #3 which will be out in later months and I started working on 3 days ago, taking an interview. The sub header will be I live in Paper Shit Storm.  Ok seriously I hope yr well :))))) Oh almost forgot- I wrote this morning cuz last night I dreamed a Pink Pile concert in JAPAN which I attended (??????)

At 7:48am on August 3, 2015, Francesca said…

dude pls remove the pswrd from yr twitter otherwise can't see yr tweets/statements/declarations/pictures of pigeon #cute-hashtagged etc

!!! x

At 10:58am on June 5, 2014, Francesca said…

Hey Vanessa

I just sent an email to yogurt brain featuring this photo ------>

asking to play a show when I m there this summer


(not to freak anyone out about the five cover pictures)



At 3:15pm on April 15, 2014, Sarah Ponytail said…

letter coming your way soon.


the worst pen pal ever <3

At 3:35pm on December 17, 2013, Francesca said…

hoorrayy cool cuz I was already feeling guilty since I didn't e-mail you my address but wrote it on here (misreading yr coded message). now I'm writing from a bloom of peppermint air since I heard it keeps out the new squatterzz of my bedroom (the mice). I feel like I'm fighting ghosts-- alright see ya ''par avion''

At 9:45am on November 19, 2013, Francesca said…

Heyy Van ! So some random people in the Netherlands is gonna get Asswipe in the mail...or I just rewrite my address here---

Francesca Ali

Maupertuusplein 1-860

Utrecht 3584 EE



have a good day! x

At 2:01pm on November 8, 2013, Francesca said…

on a side note,today I saw a MRR in a store in Amsterdam and there it was, printed second page, ''Vanessa Asswipe'',it made my day and beyond!!! :3

At 4:33pm on November 6, 2013, Sarah Ponytail said…

Hey! my current address is:

2844 windsor street
halifax, nova scotia b3k 5e6

<3 <3

At 6:38am on November 2, 2013, Francesca said…

Ciaooo Vanessa! latest from utrecht: I wrapped up your letter all proud until I realized I don't have your address *lame*. helppp

it's been soo long I hope this doesn't find you too busy---in swingin' bay area---



At 12:54pm on September 3, 2013, Francesca said…

### ...I may have gave you the wrong address,sorry! here's is the correct one: Maupertuusplein 1-860 , 3584 EE Utrecht,The Netherlands ###

At 12:36pm on August 30, 2013, Francesca said…

Heyyy Vanessa! STORYTIME: so the other day during class they gave us this crazy amount of photocopies of some slides (no one really needed them) ,so what I did was going to talk to the professor to ask if the next day only the people who requested the papers could get them (hippie francesca!). Indeed there was like just a couple of hands raised out of a bunch of people,so that someone said- ''this people hates trees!''- I thought like-Vanessa would have been so touched by this--. ...Oops maybe that wasn't much a good story eh ;D

It's cool that we have ''matching tapes'' of Yogurt Brain,I keep listening to them periodically; do you think that the print ''vol 1'' on the tape imply that it exists a ''vol 2'' as well? (?) that would be cool

Keep in touch xx

PS Hey if you want to ''try to sell me your zine'' I just got a new address! :)
P.O. Box 81-860 , 3508 BW Utrecht , The Netherlands

At 2:33pm on August 16, 2013, robert eggplant said…

I would like to pass you my brain-farted art. I have not developed the skills of scanning yet. Mostly figured out how to photograph and upload images. Give me a couple days grace and i'll learn. I swear I'll do it before the fug'n calenders are back from the printer.

Glad to see you resort to computer now that your phone is dead

"Ring In The Revolution"

At 6:14pm on May 27, 2013, Heather Wreckage said…

Thanks Vanessa!  Can't wait to do another one for your band again someday.  I heard a rumor you're playing Davis, is that true?

At 1:02pm on April 24, 2013, robert eggplant said…

could we name the band "Dead Air"?

At 12:08pm on March 21, 2013, robert eggplant said…

the Purple House was a scene, I wish you woulda been a gypsy fur one more day,

you missed a couple good laughs.

The Legend of Billie Jean theme song was stuck in my head (and i'm trying to wash it away playing an Obscure by Clouds Pink FLoyd LP AT THE SAME TIME as the international music radio show). So sad the moment talking to my mom and the portents of it. I also woke up thinking about my proposal of the opening of Blast From the Past...it could work.

I think I will get library time in today...with a chapter on Fairy tales, maybe a couple letters written. I should schedule in zine making time.

Oh Purple House is having a meeting sunday nite....that's the time go to ask to do a show there. That's now on my list

drink coffee & water

At 11:56am on March 13, 2013, Heather Wreckage said…

Hi Vanessa!  I really wish I had realized that you are the person who does asswipe when you stayed here in sactoe, because I fucking love your zine!!!  I read an issue a while ago on the toilet at Hellarity and was totally smitten.  You are so fucking hilarious!

At 12:21pm on January 31, 2013, robert eggplant said…

hhere it is...thanks to Fred..and um hEATHER

At 11:26pm on December 28, 2012, robert eggplant said…

Vanessa i'm studying during the Hella-days for who knows what. Our band. My next zine....the next slingshot...badsmut..

The Gil Scot Heron records were good to revisit after reading his memoir last month. Ive also watched a lot of george carlin...i read his bio last year and i kinda wanna revisit it. I imagine drinking booze and studying g-carlin with you then working on shit to say to people between songs..

whadda think?

At 5:31am on November 13, 2012, Lubomyr Tymkiv said…

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