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At 7:00pm on August 20, 2013, Stephen J. Lazotte said…

Hi Kari! Thank you for your comment! I will most certainly write a blog post about my zine :-)

At 12:37pm on July 3, 2013, fishspit said…

oh kari . . . you are such a delight.

fishspit sez.

At 6:50pm on June 21, 2013, James N. Dawson said…

Kari, I'm not necessarily a strict pacifist.  I just think violence should be minimized in resolving conflicts, large and small.

I mow lawns at a military base and have to go through stringent background checks and pass through checkpoints where the soldiers carry AK47's. (It's a bit of a hassle and kind of scary.)  I also mow the lawns of military personnel off-base.  I treat my clients with courtesy and respect and they reciprocrate.  I'm not judgemental.  My main concern is mostly basic self interest, not morals.  It's not the soldiers I'm worrried about, but the national security personnel.

Many in prison today are in for non-violent crimes. I think I read somewhere that the U.S. incarceration rate is higher than in communist dictatorships.  As for those who're in for violent offenses, they each have their own story. I've heard a few, but out of respect for their privacy and safety, won't repeat them.  I'm not a particularly good one, but I'm a Buddhist.  Google: Angulimala.

I'll be happy to send some zines for soldiers for you.  I'm getting together an envelope right now.  I'll try to have them out by next week.


At 12:25am on June 13, 2013, Lubomyr Tymkiv said…

Hi Kari, :) Thank you for your participation and for your wonderful contribution to Zineshow!

At 6:27am on June 8, 2013, robert eggplant said…

Keri, I thank you for your work. It would be so lonely without the paper you send out into the world. I have kept in mind sending you zines for soldiers....and have even thought of sending you the new slingshot to send to them. The plan I have so far is 10 copies of issue 48 and about the equivalant of issue 49. Then any amount of slingshot really since we print 20.000.

At 2:21pm on June 1, 2013, fishspit said…

Hi Keri . . . I was out tomcattin' last night and got home in the wee hours to find an issue of Shards!  I wasn't feelin' so good when I woke up and had the blues . . .and then I saw my copy of Shards!  Oh! Something to chase the blues away!  I came right on down here to the hippy coffee shop to read it!  I'm gonna be happy.  I got to study too . . . but I can put that off.

Thank you for the wonderful pins.  I put them on my cool leather punk rocker jacket with all the other pins. 

Sumo? well . . . hmm . . . that seems reasonable.  I mean all you do is push each other around with your tummys right?  That beats being kicked in the head if you were taking the kung fu class down the hall.

OK . . . I'm gonna get to Shards.  I gotta tell ya . . . your story of the mania kicking in and stealing all the pens them college kids write them messages with is absolute genius!  I love that story.  I've read it a half dozen times.  I also sure love the story with you and your car and all the . . . .uh . . . bumps you get into in it.  I do that too!!!!   I had two in a day too!  But you still hold the record since you got into two . . . uh . . . bumps in a 10 minute span.  You Hollywood people are all nuts!  That's kinda why I get a kick out of you.

OK . . . I gotta get to this Shards!  I'll be sending you some stuff as soon as I recover from my night of tom cattin'.  It's hard on an old fellow to keep up that sort of thing.

I adore you and your goddamned masterpiece of a zine.

Fishspit out.

At 9:23pm on May 20, 2013, fishspit said…

P.S.S. Keri . . . sigh . . . I just finished the Shards #4 and #5 . . . what do I do now?  You are a genius. That's all . . . nothing more to tell you.

Fishspit out.

At 9:02pm on May 20, 2013, fishspit said…

P.S. Keri . . . at the moment I'm trying your homeopathic cure for stupidity. . . . I think this one might work!!  But if you don't hear from me again . . . well . . . I . . . a . . . things are getting hazy . . . I . . . .

At 7:02pm on May 20, 2013, fishspit said…

Huminy huminy huminy! I got my "sex sells" issue of Shards today! Wait! I just opened it! Hey! Wait! There's no nekkid people in here! Even the cat's got a bell! 

But no here we go . . . i'm gonna kick back on the couch, but on a rekkid and laugh until I cry.

Fishspit out!

At 2:08am on May 16, 2013, robert eggplant said…

the newspaper went to the printer on  tuesday. it  will get back to us on friday--when im out of town. we do the mailing party on sunday. the  papers should get to you in about two  weeks. 

I  return to the bay around the 23rd--so i  can check then what issues you sent me and then work on sending you some  zippos

today i went searching thru trash and found a pink dow comforter and lots of GMO        junk food, a couple of shot glasses and a half of bottle of Saki. A couple of days ago while hunting i found a hooka and a keg. guess which one i carried off...

At 8:24pm on May 14, 2013, robert eggplant said…

hey thanks of thinking of me...i saw your project to get zines in the hands of the needy while cruising this site last week and i'm glad you invited me. It's been a hell week of tasks--including wrapping up Slingshot#113. I got together a review of Shards but since i turned it in late i made it rather abbreviated so my apologies if it reads a little generic.

So my head will still be spinning well into May 25th with travel and wrapping up projects and most importantly---fishing for useful shit from the student trash. I can oblige you in small ways. I will go over my originals on hand to find my zines that are readable (only about 3-4 issues). I can also look into having slingshot send you a small pile of the new issue.

like i said i will be a little scrambled (egg) until about the 25th. please send word and puns to me around that time, especially regarding how many copies of zines you want...

and i can ask other zine people if they wanna send shiot

At 1:12pm on May 13, 2013, fishspit said…

Right on Kari!  I just enveloped up my stack of wisebloods to post to you for the troops.  Will post it tomorrow.  I can't wait for more shards!  woo hoo!

Thanks for doing this "zines to troops project.

Fishspit out.

At 12:38pm on May 13, 2013, fishspit said…

P.S. Kari, don't forget to send me some more Shards of Glass in Your Eye when you find the time.

Fishspit out.

At 12:33pm on May 13, 2013, fishspit said…

Kari!  I would love to participate In the zines to troops project.  I will get a stack and send them on to you . . . just various wisebloods I have still around.  I'll make a package soon. Also I will send you the new Wiseblood #58 for your own reading pleasure.

I'll put together a package soon. and get it on to you.

Thanks for your honorable endeavor.

Fishspit out.

At 6:32pm on May 9, 2013, Kelly Dessaint said…

Hey Kari, yes, you are on my list. I've received three copies of Shards.. I have been wrapped up in a major publishing project for the past few months and haven't had a chance to reply and thank you for the fun zines you sent me. But I was going to make up for it when I sent you this latest issue. :) 

Hope all is well...

At 5:21pm on May 5, 2013, fishspit said…

Fishspit here . . . last night I watched Communion and well . . . I wouldn't leave the house without him either . . . Christopher Walken I mean.  I don't give compliments . . . so when I say I make everyone here at the hippy coffee shop where I'm a regular at (I ain't a hippy but I love these people . . . even if a few of them want to argue with me about your "vegan vampire" article of which I tell them "Tell her! I didn't write it!") it isn't it a compliment, it's a nod to how much I want to share this with other people.  I read it over and over.  I don't do that with but one zine in a gazillion.  And yeah! yeah! (I just was re-reading state of the union jack) fuck soccer! Buncha poofters!  The only exciting thing about soccer is the violence in the stands by them cockney hooligans, and with out that what have you got?!

I didn't mean to babble at you here, I just wanted to tell you that I'm happy you are sending me more Shards!  that and i'll get you more wisebloods. Other than that, the only time I've watched the kind of kitchen work in "battle of lunch" was when I was living in a half way house for nutjobs . . . they try things that way too!  I'm glad you aren't put away . . . yet.

You and Shards are a kick!  To hell with making the world a better place!  Fuck the world! but . . . well . . . gosh . . . you make the world a better place!  Until my next batch of shards I wish you ado.  and . . . if you need a donation to keep such a good thing in print let me know . . . I still got a batch of p.c.p. I can sell to the kiddies down at the playground to get a few bucks.  God, if he's not too occupied, bless you, Fishspit.

At 2:34pm on May 3, 2013, fishspit said…

oh man . . . fishspit here . . . i'm sitting here in a coffee shop dying of laughter.  your zine is genius.  i wish i had the kind of imagination that tells one to lick their wallpaper.  Jesus you are whacked out . . . but in a really really good way.  don't stop please.  put me on your mailing address for all other issues. you've got a dedicated reader in me.

fishspit out.

At 10:02am on April 21, 2013, Mel W. said…

Hey Kari!!  No worries about your late response.  How are you doing/feeling?  Hope you are well xoxo.

At 12:45pm on April 18, 2013, fishspit said…

Right on Kari!

I'll get some wisebloods to you in the post sometime this week.

thanks for trading.

fishspit out.

At 8:56pm on April 17, 2013, robert eggplant said…

It's an honor that someone so currently prolific likes my work.

You just sent me issues 7 & 9 and I got #8 from you at the zine fest. The day your package came to me I also got a package from my EX. I will try to write her back, but my crew of penpals have been waiting patiently for me to get back to them. I would like to send you a letter soon but I'm affraid I have a small moutain(of tasks) staring at me....The next issue of Slingshot is in production where I intend to review to fine print you sent to me. We will work on it until it hits the streets in mid-may

I'm really enjoying your work ethic and verve. I was on a similar roll in 88-91...then i was fine to start branching out--which i guess translates as getting Surreal. The Road Most Traveled Issue (#47 of Zippo) uses Surreal approachs to the old magazine format. I've done other such ideas over the years but that is definetly the most readable issue

keep up the hard work...before turning on the computer i had ideas for text for the next zippo...i myself need to Keep Up the Hard Work

ps. i was in Pinole and place #8 Shards in my Coveted Zine Box #2 (similar to favorite zines) Box #1 has mostly zines from my first 5-10 years of zining. Box 2 has gems such as Dreams Of Donuts, SCAM, Rabid, Rot, Puddle, End Less Canvas....your Shards #7&9 will go there after i read & review them


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