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At 11:28am on July 21, 2009, Amazing Sunflower said…
Thanks for posting about your 24 Hour Zine on the 24 Hour Zine forum. Want to swap a copy of your 24 Hour Zine for a copy of mine?
At 9:52am on June 6, 2009, Eunice said…
Hi! Got the copy of FY today, thank you. Cheered up a grey, wet day. I've added you as a friend here, if that's okay!
At 8:49am on May 1, 2009, Sarah Elizabeth said…
how to i become a member of team zine on etsy?
At 4:12pm on January 24, 2009, jimi gherkin said…
hey emma,

could you email me at jimigherkin(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)uk about next sunday... nice to meet you today


At 4:33am on January 23, 2009, Mike O'Hare said…
In light of what you have recently commented about on my article, would you be prepared to support something that affects every single person who uses the Internet? Your right to express yourself on this site, or any other for that matter, is soon to be taken from you unless you are prepared to join forces and help prevent a disaster which is looming at great pace. To find out more you must read the page Censorship is upon us. From there you will find a link that will take you to a page where this is mentioned in more detail.

Please set aside your judgements and ego for a while and take a look at the bigger picture. I’m only the messenger, not the creator of this campaign. I do not discriminate in matters such as this. Every user of the Internet is important and as a consequence, there should be a commitment to support this. Please help.
At 8:29pm on November 19, 2008, Emma Stronach said…
Haha yeah that would be him, friendly fellow. Great zine too, lots of good reading.
At 5:46am on November 19, 2008, Emma Stronach said…

Awesome ;) want to email me your address? Or have a Po Box that can go on here.

The guy that wrote the zine is on this thing, will find him for you, maybe he could tell you why you rule :P
At 6:22pm on November 18, 2008, Emma Stronach said…
Hi Emma,

I was wondering if I could email you my zine/portfolio. I just read my first copy of "Beat Motel" (which is great) and you were listed as someone that "rules" on one of the back pages. I was hoping that you might want to take a look at it. "Book Art" which is my first proper zine is in there.


At 9:43am on November 11, 2008, tukru perkele said…
i'm always in medway. :/
At 4:00pm on November 9, 2008, Alex Wrekk said…
You are just teasing me with your zine fest! If SSR is in print and I have a bit of money and can find a flight for under $400 I might just have to come!
At 10:13am on November 8, 2008, Gianni Simone said…
Glad you got my zines. In the meantime I read your adventures in Hungary too. Made me feel like visiting Budapest.
Say, do you still listen to old fashioned cassette tapes?
At 4:33pm on October 11, 2008, mujinga said…
cool! and i just read the stuff about plans for a btown fest, that's awesome, i have been plotting in a similar direction myself...
At 3:12pm on October 11, 2008, mujinga said…
hiya - i also just moved to (near) brighton! i checked your website - nice style. i'm also done with a zine - would you be interested to trade? cheers!
At 9:49am on September 17, 2008, user 11566 said…
ooh lovely! looking forward to it!
At 5:43pm on September 15, 2008, Jethrobot Press said…
cheers for joining the mini zine folks group!
At 9:54am on September 5, 2008, user 11566 said…
OH YEAH! livejournal. the fed is brilliant ta! =)

lets swap zines yeah.
At 3:32am on September 5, 2008, user 11566 said…
i think i know you form... somewhere i cant quite put my finger on it... =)
At 6:10am on September 1, 2008, tukru perkele said…
i don't know, it might have turned up this morning while i was at work (still am, but finished and checking emails etc.. yeah) yaye emma in medway news, let me know when that is xx
At 9:02pm on August 30, 2008, Eight-Stone Press said…
My wife and I have been to Brighton a couple of times, the first of which we stayed with some squatters in Hove. Got drunk on gin and had a high old time.


At 8:59am on August 30, 2008, Alex Wrekk said…
Hey there fellow TeamZine memberQ! Thanks for making that group, that was a great idea!


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