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At 7:10am on March 6, 2010, WinterMuse said…
Sure :). Here you go:

The Annex
Hasland Farm
Devon EX13 7JF
At 10:53pm on February 26, 2010, kami said…
looking forward to the next care package. working on new ish of sprak! myself so hopefully i can get one sent yr way before end of march ... if i get it together :D
At 6:29pm on February 13, 2010, Antiquated Future said…
haven't got yr zines yet! how long ago did you send them? if it was long ago, i bet it got lost on p.o.'s end and i will totally take yr word for it and send you an issue of JCSZ. Just let me know what time frame it was and yr address. msvaleriepark(at)gmail(dot)com.
At 4:30pm on February 9, 2010, kami said…
zines on their way mate... hope they give you some moments of pleasure
At 12:37pm on January 29, 2010, Ren! said…
I noticed your post about The Connection, and I'm intrigued. I'd love to contribute and help keep it alive.
At 7:14pm on January 10, 2010, kami said…
i get the feeling i'll be going downstairs not up! :D looking forward to checking out yr zines. i'm about to head off for a few days away (schoolholidays with the beezelbubby) but will send you a care package next week when i get back
At 2:23pm on January 10, 2010, Rick Bradford said…
Hey, James, just wanted to say thanks much for the copies of Zap!!omania and Pterodactyl you sent. The holidays got me sidetracked and I'm still catching up on mail/e-mail but I'm looking forward to giving them a more thorough read and will also try to respond again to the reviewzine discussion at Zinegeeks (I think it may be going on here too?) which I dropped the ball on..

Thanks again!
At 9:53am on January 6, 2010, Samantha Blythe said…
Hey, there! Sorry I disappeared for a while...after I finished my zine swap things just got really busy here at home - I think I was smarter when I did not try to get involved with things like zine trades in this season of my life...I can never keep up. I was just looking at your zines the other night - and I have printer toner on my to-order list...if you still want a trade after all this time I do know it's pending, but if you don't want to deal with such a flake I can send yours back...hopefully not, since they are interesting!
At 2:36pm on December 31, 2009, tim scannelltim scannell said…
you got a nice review of yr zine @ 'syndicated zines'
do you have a review @ zinethug?
did you get addy of friend/client 'back home' for card?? or did you try to google?

louie crew...has a chronological list of zines taking poetry (might be a zinereview' pattern and
duotrope has a 'chart arrangement'...for ALL zines
happy new years..2010 a HUGE for you/yrs and me/mine...:)
port angeles
At 3:50pm on December 23, 2009, tim scannelltim scannell said…
jim...thanx mucho...enjoyed reading your creations...I pedalled a bike for 20 years to/from my teaching job in mesa, AZ. oh, your 4-column xperiment collapsed 'cause you were trying to JUSTIFY at the same time...viz., all the odd 'spaces'; um, 2-column is really the optimal (if you wanna JUSTIFY too). Will get back 2U after Christmas...happy to correspond. Tim Port Agleles.
At 11:48am on December 21, 2009, tim scannelltim scannell said…
jim...happy you got my material...enjoy! and looking forward to your
um, the address...'lost'...just google her NAME and you will get the telephone #
lotta ways to skin a cat!!
port angeles
blessings and safety
At 5:38pm on December 15, 2009, James N. Dawson said…
That's kind of you. Actually, if you'd like I could send a few of mine in return, just to make it fair.

Here's my address:
James N. Dawson
P.O. Box 292
Malden, WA 99149

I guess you're still using the address you were for String Bean. If not let me know. Thanks.
At 6:44am on December 15, 2009, James N. Dawson said…
The zines were THE PTERADACTYL. No need to return them. If you can't find any record, that's okay. No need to re-imburse. If you do, maybe you could send me $4 worth of zine/s, unless you'd just prefer to send the dollars back. Somebody's got to update the Zine World website. They've still got my old address on it, and I've e-mailed them it was old 3 or 4 times. :>
At 10:41am on December 14, 2009, tim scannelltim scannell said…
satellite photo ...google...really
shows your

the big dam saved the E
section of WA i guess...grand coolie??
At 8:00am on December 14, 2009, tim scannelltim scannell said…

just had an interview and graphics posted by


At 7:55am on December 14, 2009, tim scannelltim scannell said…
sending you envelope this day jim
don't want you...'doubting'...
wrestling with 'disappointment'
my stuff will
make you laugh
kick up your heels
run outside to give
a prayer
of thanksgiving...
tim :):)
port angeles
cold/snow/icy roads
At 2:47pm on December 12, 2009, tim scannelltim scannell said…
i always leave zines at sheltered bus stops...
sheltered 'patios' at quickie stores...
i always leave used books at sheltered bus stops too...
and a single quarter on the square aluminium pipe frames
[(S)miles of someone getting a 'free' ride...a moment of...
'life is good'...one should feel each day]

i never leave anything at schools/community colleges/libraries
(twas in those rackets over 20 yrs.)
At 2:36pm on November 9, 2009, Samantha Blythe said…
I got your zines today! I am looking forward to having time to sit down and read them...I am in deadline mode for my swap!
At 8:18am on November 7, 2009, Samantha Blythe said…
I haven't been to the Post Office yet to see if your zines arrived...I will have mailed off my zine swap zines by Monday, and then I should have time to print some of mine up and send them to you.
At 11:35pm on November 6, 2009, Samantha Blythe said…
Man, you really ARE a libertarian!!!! Loved your last posts on my Christian thread!

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