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At 4:56pm on July 30, 2011, Kari Tervo said…
Hey James, somehow didn't see your comment til now.  I would love to see those issues. Thanks for your thoughts on grammar nazis! Thanks, Kari
At 11:17pm on June 29, 2011, Kari Tervo said…
James, I'm enjoying Zapomania #4 right now.  You're very keen and insightful; you're able to razor in on people's characteristics, like when you break down types of "internetters." You make great observations, and you probably see right through everyone. :)  I also liked your observation about "Rude Boy" in Pterodactyl #6.  I hadn't noticed that before, but now totally see what you mean.  Good stuff!
At 3:54am on June 12, 2011, StrayCat said…
Hi, James, just wanted to say I enjoyed "Cat's Paws" from LIVE AND LET LIVE. Although it probably wasn't ideal to read late at night! I was wondering if you know of any good zines &/or website for vegetarian/vegan diets? I was one for 5 years a long time ago, in a very bad way, though. I'd like to do it properly this time, with a balanced diet. Thanks for any help!
At 11:04am on June 10, 2011, Jordan A. said…

Thanks for the comment on my post! You had some thoughtful insights, and I have replied in kind.


Jordan A.

At 7:11pm on April 18, 2011, Matthew Mu said…
It looks okay to me, but I'll check the options : )
At 11:14am on April 18, 2011, Matthew Mu said…
I'm not sure exactly what this is referring to. When I look at my page it's white text on black.
At 11:01am on April 16, 2011, Myron said…
I recieved your zine today! It's going to take me a while to read this one but I'm looking forward to it! There's a lot of great information in here! Thanks for the trade!
At 12:23pm on April 3, 2011, Krissy PonyBoy Press said…
Oh, I'm sorry. Someone pointed it out as spam. I think because there were only links and no comments it looked like a spam comment. Sorry about that.
At 3:09am on March 19, 2011, StrayCat said…
Thank you for your very generous trade & my first zine in years. I'm hooked on your very charming and informative zine! I wish I could say I've read it all, but my friend borrowed it before I could finish! She is now a fan as well. (I don't want to share, so I'll be taking that back from her later. ha) I'll let her know your site, so she can obtain her own copy!
At 9:54pm on March 2, 2011, StrayCat said…
Oh! Issues 1 & 2 DIY Printer Wannabe, referencing the mimeograph. I'll keep them in mind, for when I can do trades or purchases. Would you accept artwork in exchange for those issues?
At 8:00pm on June 8, 2010, kami said…
james, got the zine today - for a man who is always saying he's behind you put out an incredible amount of stuff!!! great work
At 10:14pm on June 6, 2010, Gianni Simone said…
Sorry James, forget about that. I clicked without thinking too much about it. My apologies.
At 7:30pm on May 30, 2010, kami said…
ok, will send you off a sprak! #6 this week... wasnt sure... cheers mate
At 12:02am on May 27, 2010, kami said…
hey mate, my memory is shocking - did i send you sprak! #6 yet? circle of iron/david carradine on the cover... i think i was holding off til i wrote a letter but my record keeping is non existent!! lemme know and i'll post one out if i havent already
At 7:42pm on April 30, 2010, kitty magic said…
if you're interested in that SSEX zine i can tell you more, but if you aren't then that's fine. umm, also what are your "fan-ways" ????
At 9:28pm on April 23, 2010, Nicole said…
Hey James, yeah sure my address is:

22 Watcombe st
Moana Heights
SA 5169

Thanks I'll send one out to you asap
At 6:36pm on April 14, 2010, kitty magic said…
okay bye 4 real.
At 6:34pm on April 14, 2010, kitty magic said…
hi i just saw on your profile here that you're into Synth, Post Punk, Goth music. well i know this cool ziine, it's called SSEX. its actually really, really cool & it covers those types of music.
At 2:52am on March 30, 2010, kami said…
got the zines today... understand completely the letter problem - i have that so often myself... will drop you a line in the next week or so with the latest sprak! #6... did i send you wham glam? my record keeping skills are non existent :D so i can't remember if i sent you them as well... duh!
At 7:10am on March 6, 2010, WinterMuse said…
Sure :). Here you go:

The Annex
Hasland Farm
Devon EX13 7JF


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