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At 11:27am on September 9, 2016, Daniel de Culla said…

Thanks for You and Yrs.

Season's Greetings and Blessed be¡

At 11:36pm on February 27, 2016, fishspit said…

Hello . . . fishspit here. 

so this dude contacted me on here . . . he's a member . . . from ubiquestan (forgive my spelling . . . i'm an American goddamned it!)  and he wanted to exchange zines and music from his country for such from my country.  so I made tapes for him . . . and collected zines . . . and that took a lot of time but it wasn't so expensive . . . but it costed me 40 bucks to post it!

that was 4 months ago.

i'm pissed.  i'm a tough tomcat and i'd like to mess him up. but he's too far away to hit in the sniffer!!   i'd like to write something about him on his page on here . . .

but I ain't gonna say nothing until I hear what you have to say about it.

hey . . . man . . . I thank you soooo much for making this site available.  it's helped me tremendously.   I surfer from treatment resistant depression . . . if it wasn't for things like this I woulda put a slug in my noggin a long time ago.

so thanks.

fishspit out.

At 1:34am on August 11, 2015, fishspit said…

how come we ain't traded zines yet?

fishspit wants to know!

At 1:36pm on August 6, 2015, ZippityZinedra said…

Hi Krissy,

The profile settings for members only include options for male, female or don't display. There must be other options for those of us who don't fall into the male or female category other than to remain invisible. Can this be updated to include various gender identities? Thanks!

-Zippity Zinedra

At 8:46pm on July 12, 2015, Dave Roche said…

I'm crashing my friend/tourmate Jim Joyce's table. I'll be there for a while. See you soon!

At 7:25am on July 12, 2015, Dave Roche said…

Krissy! I'm going to be reading at the Portland Zine Symposium after party next weekend with some friends from Chicago. Do you want to read with us?

At 3:28am on April 3, 2015, Zineiac said…

Hello, Rich Monday here, I just wanted to let you know, I am considering advertising my zine here at "We Make Zines" really soon. Here's a sneak peak of STAMINA # 3, for you view over at Issuu.com. Enjoy and Thnx!




At 10:09am on February 27, 2015, Cheering and Waving Press said…

I feel like a thanks is due...thank you for making this amazing website ( : I would love to trade zines with you some time.

At 1:06pm on February 10, 2015, Lee Taylor said…

Heya Krissy, I got your zines in the post today; thanks for sending them over, they're looking pretty great! Gonna have to get stuck into them shortly I reckon :) thanks again for trading; I'll be in touch with feedback soon!
Take care,


At 7:59am on January 14, 2015, MEAT Based Clown Solution! said…

Thank you for being our new friend! We do hereby proclaim thee...

At 5:16am on June 16, 2014, Zineiac said…

Hi Krissy, I released my massive private list of online writing jobs here in a blog post. I wanted to point it out to you because it has been a big project for me over the years to compile this information and these are proven writing jobs for money, some are career opportunities. Below is the link to my blog post, feel free to share it, or promote it with anybody here. Take Care!



At 1:52pm on June 15, 2014, Donald R. Anderson said…

Krissy, How do I set my membership here to no email notifications? Thanks!

At 8:08pm on June 14, 2014, Tom Hendricks said…


I'd like to mail a donation. Please send me your address.


Continued success,

Tom Hendricks
(editor of the 20 year old zine Musea)

ZINE, Named one of the best ZINES by UTNE magazine. Featured on ROCKETBOOM)
MUSIC, 7 full CD's of free Postmod Music)
BLOG for Musea, Art Contests, Weekly E-mail Messages)

At 6:44pm on June 14, 2014, fishspit said…

hello . . . I will make a donation to keep this double super fantastic site going.  but I don't do pay pal or nothing like that . . . so please give me an address I can post you a check to.

thanks for the site,


At 11:15am on June 7, 2014, Nest said…

Dear Krissy, Gmorning.  I have a body image zine I would love to send you.  It's called my buoyancy, an effortless feeling.  The first issue is one of the zines I am most proud of making in 23 years of zinery.  So please let me know if you have a po box I can send to.  Thanks very much!  Nest

At 8:39pm on February 23, 2014, Brandy Erdmann said…

Thanks! I will read through them before adding to the collection. Our mailing address is:
Athens-Clarke County Library
Teen Services
C/O Brandy Erdmann
2025 Baxter St
Athens GA, 30606

Thank you so much for adding to our YA zine collection. If you need any more info on the project or would just like to check in, please email me at berdmann@athenslibrary.org

At 4:35pm on January 26, 2014, Mike Nobody said…



At 6:58pm on August 27, 2013, Stephen J. Lazotte said…

Hi Krissy,

In reply to your comment, I met my father on Facebook a few years back. We instantly hit it off, and learned our lives paralleled a bit, by venues we used to hang out and interests we have. He shown me his old zines like Color Wheel and Signals. I knew he was working on new zines like  Paper Radio (formerly Signals), but as I was going through the rabbit hole (after checking out his out-of-date zine wiki), I realized he had more zines made than he mentioned. So I ordered some of his perzines. This is the same time I was getting into Jetta Vegas' 'Write More Letters/Takes One To get One' zines. I decided I had stuff already written that I could throw together. I used to make stuff like zines in my teen years, i.e. the Boys and Girls Club weekly newspaper, and CD Booklets containing poetry as the tracks (started out as a class assignment). So, it's something I hadn't the motivation to do until now. Sure, you can check out my Zine HERE. :-)

At 5:13am on July 16, 2013, Hadass Ben-Ari said…

Hi Krissy!

I was wondering if you are interested in trading with me. I make a DIY zine called Purple Myrtle Squeegy - A PMS Perzine. I recently published the 2013 24 Hour issue of this zine. I also have many back issues of PMS, and some back issues of my former feminist comp zine called Fallopian Falafel.

Please let me know if you're interested. Your crafts look super!

Happy International Zine Month,


At 8:28pm on April 20, 2013, ric ramos said…

Hi! Even if you do not understand Portuguese, music has always transcends barriers. listen to the podcast of my zine. Janela RockZine (http://ricramos.caster.fm/)
All the best!!!


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