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At 5:03am on January 5, 2013, Lubomyr Tymkiv said…

We invite you to take part in the First International Exhibition "ZINESHOW" in Ukraine. Participation is free. Any technique. Any theme and format. No return. Deadline: 15/04/2013. Exhibition on the blog http://zineshow.blogspot.com All works will be exhibited also in the gallery "tymutopiyapres" http://tymutopiyapres.blogspot.com is not a commercial gallery. Welcomed but not "necessarily" summary of your zine or about you or your creative work (this is necessary for further elucidation of the project and possible documentation). Zines for the exhibition please send air mail: "Zineshow" A/C 9875, Sadivnycha 19/1, 79038, Lviv, Ukraine.

At 8:47am on October 28, 2010, WinterMuse said…
Do you fancy a zine trade?
At 5:47pm on October 25, 2010, Ørred Jensen said…
Sweet, thanks! :) Now, what to send... :/
At 7:42pm on October 20, 2010, Ørred Jensen said…
Hahhaha, so will I. Life does tend to do that, unfortunatly. :(

Oooh. That would make a lot more sense then being part time prostitute, part time candy man. ;D

ANdd okie dookeesss. :)

So, since I feel like pen pals are lame in the traditional sense. Because like, why the fuck would you write a long letter and wait for two weeks for it to get delivered and all....

How about we just send each other shit. :D
Likee art and such and just whatever.

Because I feel like if I try to write a letter, I'll just get bored and be like FUCK. and email it instead. xD
At 7:51pm on October 19, 2010, Ørred Jensen said…
So your hair is amazing, first of all.

Two, I think I might just send you a letter. :)

I'm in desperate need of pen pals. :(

Three, The first ten times I read it, I thought the title at the top of your page said "I sell sex and candy"

And I thought that was a very odd combination.

Four, Your zines look amazing. Especially Sea Breeze Kids number two.

You're an amizing artist, those people in the zine look amazing. I'm farcking jealous. D;

Could I perhaps request a copy of it?

Or any one of your zines, in fact. :)
At 5:27pm on October 8, 2010, Becky the Evil Flower said…
In my last comment I mentioned that I don't have time to do anything during the week. Well that extended to the weekend...and I ran out of time to do anything including writing you a letter. But I am writing you a letter now and it will hopefully get to you soon!
At 7:09pm on September 29, 2010, Becky the Evil Flower said…
I got your letter a few days ago! I might not be able to write you back for a few days because I don't have much time to do anything during the week but I will write you back soon!
At 1:59pm on September 16, 2010, Amy Petersen said…
A letter is on it's way too you!
At 1:44pm on September 6, 2010, Becky the Evil Flower said…
Hi! I got your postcard and letter and zines on Saturday. They are lovely. I'm writing you a letter in return right now. :)
At 9:29pm on September 1, 2010, Becky the Evil Flower said…
Awesome! Can't wait to get them.
At 1:34pm on August 26, 2010, Amy Petersen said…
Sure you can go ahead and write the first letter! I'll send my address to your inbox.
At 6:10am on August 26, 2010, s.Jane Mills said…
A letter would be awesome :)
At 12:17am on August 26, 2010, Amy Petersen said…
hi there, how are you?
I'd be really interested in swapping mail! if your keen!
At 8:17am on August 25, 2010, s.Jane Mills said…
Indeed :)
At 4:54am on August 25, 2010, Race said…
I'm not fussed. probably better f you send one first, then I won't seem like such a noob. Everything I wrote seems to be painfully dull cause I have no idea what you're into :D
I'll PM you my address and hopefully send you out some soon.
At 9:44pm on August 21, 2010, Becky the Evil Flower said…
That's weird! I sent it a while ago. I have notoriously bad handwriting so I hope that the address came through alright in the mail. Here's hoping it gets to you. :/
At 8:31pm on August 21, 2010, Race said…
I'd love to be penpals :)
Sorry for my painfully late response, my internet died. Example: It took about twenty minutes to get into hotmail, load the page, attatch some stuff and send.
But yes, I would happily write you long letters :D If I can get my hands on some big ass envelopes, I'll defs send you some stuff (about a couple of months of letters). Thankyou for responding! Love Race.
P.S Your hair looks wicked
At 8:38am on August 17, 2010, Becky the Evil Flower said…
Oh it's your birthday! Happy Birthday Sophie!

Hopefully you've gotten my letter. I can't wait to hear back from you!
At 12:33am on August 17, 2010, Hadass Ben-Ari said…
Happy birthday!! :-)
Nice to meet you.
At 12:09am on August 17, 2010, Chiara said…
Ooh, I am looking forward to your mail!!
I will reply more speedily this time- already collecting things to send and what not.

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