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At 5:42am on January 7, 2013, Lubomyr Tymkiv said…

We invite you to take part in the First International Exhibition "ZINESHOW" in Ukraine. Participation is free. Any technique. Any theme and format. No return. Deadline: 15/04/2013. Exhibition on the blog http://zineshow.blogspot.com All works will be exhibited also in the gallery "tymutopiyapres" http://tymutopiyapres.blogspot.com is not a commercial gallery. Welcomed but not "necessarily" summary of your zine or about you or your creative work (this is necessary for further elucidation of the project and possible documentation). Zines for the exhibition please send air mail: "Zineshow" A/C 9875, Sadivnycha 19/1, 79038, Lviv, Ukraine.

At 2:19am on December 21, 2012, Vanessa X said…

Hi, your zine looks cool and I'd love to trade! my email address is asswipemagazine@gmail.com - i'll give you my address and vice versa if youre interested.

At 1:17pm on February 1, 2011, Catherine Elms said…
Wanna trade? I think we got in touch about trading a while ago, but I can't remember why it never happened. Anyway, your zines look really interesting, so I'd love to read one. :)

At 1:36pm on November 15, 2010, Jade Honeycutt said…
heyyy... I totally live in Orlando. find me on FB- Jade Honeycutt.
At 6:07pm on July 9, 2010, Race said…
Hey, I was wondering if I could get a cope of Pulse, Issue Seven. Willing to trade in about two weeks if you want :D The content is really interesting and I'd like to show my sister the eating disorder bit. Thanks
At 11:55am on June 29, 2010, twilight gecko said…
hi there.. would you be interested in trading?
At 4:35pm on May 26, 2010, zeraph dylan said…
<3 hey, i jumped over here from the new issue announcement page. I'd also heard about your zine from redguard. so, hi!
pulse sounds great, very exciting. I was wondering (above) why you refer to ashley as a male? more correct might be to say "ashley is a transwoman" or "ashley is a woman who was born male." just a tip. hope you are well-
At 9:24pm on May 16, 2010, Sari of Hoax said…
hey kelly, just wanted to let you know that hoax #3 is all done!
At 8:08pm on May 10, 2010, Kate Haas said…
Sure, let's trade zines. Shoot me an email at oceanreader (at) gmail (dot) com and we can swap addresses. Thanks for asking!
At 6:27pm on May 9, 2010, Saling Pusa Distro/closed said…
Please help brownsville have a zine fair by voting for this idea: http://pep.si/bqQ98q

please vote for that idea once a day. it only takes a sec to register and vote. help us have a zine/art fair here in brownsville. Thank you!

also, help us spread the word by telling your friends and family to vote too. we greatly appreciate it. thanks!
At 10:18am on May 9, 2010, lauramarie said…
Hi, KellyRose! I would love to trade you for your latest--I have a new Erik and LM Magazine out, or I could send you my newest mental health zine, if you're interested. Descriptions are at my page. Hope you're doing super well.
At 9:45am on May 9, 2010, Catherine Elms said…
Hey KellyRose, do you want to trade issue 4 of my zine for the latest issue of yours?

At 2:50am on May 8, 2010, Sari of Hoax said…
awesome! we should have it finished sometime in the next week. would you be into trading again?
At 4:40pm on May 5, 2010, sonia dilla said…
thanks, yer zine looks great! let me know if you wanna do trades :)
At 12:06pm on April 19, 2010, Hannah (Not Lonely Zine) said…
Hi KellyRose. How are you? Thanks so much for your zines! I really enjoyed reading them and we have a lot in common. Reading them made me wish we lived in the same city, hehe. Your Ani letter was great, I agree, she's still awesome, but not in the same place in her life as I am now. I do love her older music the best, but I'm starting to appreciate the newer material more. I love how happy and content she seems in interviews now, even if I perhaps can't relate to her as much as when she was younger/angrier. I sent my zines out to you today, I hope you enjoy them and that they won't take too long to get to you - currently there are no plans leaving the UK because of the volcano going off in Iceland, but apparently they will be going again soon, so, fingers crossed! x
At 3:09am on April 9, 2010, Hannah (Not Lonely Zine) said…
No worries, I'm a postgrad student myself so I know how busy things can get! Did I send you my zine already? I'm not sure I have your address (haha, my brain is completely fried after weeks of constant studying!) x
At 12:57pm on March 11, 2010, Hannah (Not Lonely Zine) said…
Oh I am so jealous that you have seen her 4 times! Happy for you, but also jealous. I've not seen her - she doesn't play up here much. That's cool that you've been to Scotland, whereabouts did you stay?
It is a big shame that there aren't more Ani fans about, I don't understand how anyone can hear her music and not love it/be obsessed but everyone's different I suppose.
My favourite album of all time (not just of Ani's, but all albums) is Not A Pretty Girl, but I also love Little Plastic Castle, Dilate and Knuckle Down, oh and Imperfectly! Fave songs ... like you I have loads but some are Not A Pretty Girl, Both Hands, Swandive, 32 Flavors, Recoil and Letter To A John.
I'll PM you my address :) x
At 10:30am on March 11, 2010, Hannah (Not Lonely Zine) said…
I am so happy to meet another Ani fan! I absolutely love her too, she's my favourite artist too. Everything she does is just so clever and wonderful, I love everything she stands for. Which albums are your favourite of hers?
& I am happy that you want to trade zines too, I'd love to recieve any issues you feel like sending, especially the one that mentions Ani. I plan to write about her in my next issue actually, something around "Not A Pretty Girl" since a. it's my fave song of hers/ever and b. I love the meaning of the song and c. every topic in my zine is arranged around "Not".
Anyway, I only have one issue of my zine so far, but if you send me more than one issue of yours I can send you more issues of mine in the future when they are done. I love the story behind the name of your zine too.
What's your email address? (I'll email you my mailing address) x
At 9:10am on March 8, 2010, Hannah (Not Lonely Zine) said…
Hello there. Would you be interested in trading zines? (There's some info about mine on my profile.)
Also, is your zine named after the Ani DiFranco song? x
At 3:41pm on February 22, 2010, Rachel said…
2647 n charles #3
baltimore, md 21218

i'm excited for this!

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