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At 12:22pm on January 13, 2014, Francesca said…

HA I learned a new word ''toasty''; love it. I figure it means warm and you can picture a toast :3 well Genova has very distinct temperatures summer/winter. I think here (holland) it's pretty close to WA. Or at least in my idealistic-dreamy perception of US geography. I'm risking to skip an Italian summer to go freezing in CA again next summer---or maybe I'm going to Cambodia,I don't know yet----ahhh I'm spacing out (like that Shards cover). my zine gets printed next week---then I can write you--- ciao ciao!!!

At 9:08pm on January 10, 2014, Kari Tervo said…

Congratulations on #60. That's huge! Shards won't get there til next week, but here! I reviewed Wiseblood #59! http://www.popculturebeast.com/2014/01/blog-zine-showdown-at-superlodionplex.html

At 3:48pm on January 10, 2014, ZippityZinedra said…

When I read your comment, I died of laughter lol Think I got the same literary piece of crap in the mail too and glanced at the cover, didn't even read it all the way through. alot of fluff and no substance. That truth you speak of? You are looking for substance and I get that. Thank you for your compliment. It's much appreciated and am looking forward to another wiseblood in the mail!!! :)

At 2:28am on January 10, 2014, Kari Tervo said…

Oh noooo! I'm so sorry your job situation sucks. I'd love to hang out too, but you live a million miles away. Mostly, I walk. I'm planning this big thing where if I win the lottery, I'm going to fly everyone in for a big party. I hope your situation turns around. I'm pretty sure good vibes and positive thoughts are functionally meaningless, but maybe they'll help your soul somewhat.

At 1:27pm on January 5, 2014, Kari Tervo said…

Droppin' literary love bombs all over your page! <3  <3 <3


At 4:00am on January 4, 2014, Kari Tervo said…

I'm about to send you a recently-published Shards #11! And I just introduced someone to Wiseblood by saying, "Fishspit is a great story-teller, and really something else." Cuz you are really something else! <3

At 11:07pm on January 3, 2014, Suspect Press said…

I'll send one tomorrow. Here's my address: P.O. Box 100263, Denver, CO 80250

At 4:06am on January 3, 2014, Huda Azzis said…

I got yours too! Unfortunately I still haven't listened to your mixtapes yet. I managed to score some really dirty old school hip hop casette tapes, will include it in your next letter. I'm also currently working on a new zine so your next letter would prob be delivered by the end of the month! 

At 1:00am on December 31, 2013, Francesca said…

heyy. do you happen to have orla's address on hand?? there have been a little disruption where I'm in an other nation while my letters are in holland (but I m still able to write letterzz) x

At 3:48pm on December 14, 2013, ZippityZinedra said…

Hey Fishpit,

Thank you so much. That's a wonderful compliment! Glad you liked it so much:)

Gonna try my hand at a mixtape (soon....?) so I'll send you one when I actually get around to it, if you'd be interested. Looking very forward to receiving your zine in the mail!


At 8:56pm on December 12, 2013, Kari Tervo said…

Hey please check out my blog post about the mail. . .I am opening it all (you'll see) now and there's a bunch of stuff from you from a while ago! I'm so sorry if you thought I was neglecting a response. Haven't read any of it yet, but I'm like panicking about how many people I've been incommunicado with by accident, so just wanted to throw this out there. :)

At 8:39am on December 5, 2013, Zineiac said…


Well FS I did a little research and I found the link above to be the most respected FREE way of transferring Albums to CD, so click it and check it out. You can go to Google search and type this: "software for converting vinyl record albums to CD easy and free". That right their will bring you up pages of different programs that will get the job done. The ones you pay for are supposed to be pretty unreal as far as the quality factor goes, so you may want to consider spending a little change in order to get better results with the sound transfer, I don't know, it's up to you buddy ole pal. Sounds like a fun project though and I hope to benefit from all your punk rock goodies you have gathered over the years, HaHa!

Anyway, keep me posted.

Peace to ya!


At 1:01pm on December 3, 2013, Zineiac said…

Just a quick note about your punk rock cassette tape collection. There is some pretty easy to use FREE software available that I just downloaded. They enable you to record from cassette tape to MP3 then to CD all with just a plug in cable, a tape player and your computer. Shoot me your email and I'll send you a couple download links to check out if you're interested. Peace!

At 11:34am on December 3, 2013, Zineiac said…
Hey Mr. Fishspit. After reading your zines about a dozen times each at my office in the rest room, I decided to finally start writing the first entries of my Punx In Solidarity zine. First off I should thank you for sending me those zines and for any advice I can squeeze out of you. I immediately ran into the problem of not knowing what software to use to be able to edit, draw and print the zine easily. Do you have the names of a couple of choice programs I should use? I have access to probably anything out there on the market with the use of torrent sites, so fire a couple programs at me that I may need and I'll go hunting, that is if you don't mind the task of mentoring the new kid on the block, Ha! You mentioned art work and drawing, that may be another problem I will have, and that's finding a guy to help me in that area of the publication. I don't think I know anybody who would lend me a hand. I have another question oh Master. How do I print and fold the thing correctly, is their a format to follow, or some folding guidelines I can follow? Again anything you lend me as far as advice goes is so greatly appreciated.

I hope t hear from you soon.

Thank you,

At 10:38pm on December 2, 2013, Huda Azzis said…

Hi fish pit! pen pals? I'm also okay with trading zines, stickers and cd playlists. I'm interested in 50s doo wool to 70s rock and roll. I don't do tapes though (no idea how to haha) but am really keen to listen to tapes that you have. Let me know! 

At 9:42pm on December 2, 2013, Stacey Von Wolf said…

I'll accept anything and everything! Send away as soon as you get my address!

At 9:23pm on December 2, 2013, Stacey Von Wolf said…

Thanks for getting back to me so soon, I wish I could play tapes but I can't sadly, you can send me a list of tracks to check out with the zines! I already put together a snail mail package with my address or would you rather I just message them to you?

At 6:22am on November 27, 2013, Francesca said…

my mind was already blown away by yr package+music,then I noticed the name of the band scribbled there,on the side of the tape- ''THE CRUCIFUCKS''. The Crucifucks. now I can't stop to make this resonate in my head….

gotta talk to you soon!! :-)
At 4:38am on November 23, 2013, shannon king said…

thanks,i send u a christmas card soon

At 6:20am on November 22, 2013, Kari Tervo said…

Thank you for calling me a pistol, and please always write  more!


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