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At 7:59pm on October 2, 2013, robert eggplant said…
Hey of course. I haven't made any new issues for one year now(but lots of slingshot)...but if you're not worried then i have quite a bit to share. My page has lots of photos of my work--usually with clear descriptive titles (slingshot#111,Absolutely Zippo#44 for example). I can probably send any of what I have photographed. How's Seattle? I can't wait to see your take on it condensed in tape and zine form. I was recently wondering why i haven't met anybody new from WMZ. Some really awesome penpals have been keeping my po box alive these past two years.
In case you didn't see it on my page you can reach me: PO Box 4985
Berkeley CA 94704
and calling 510 BAD SMUT
okay follow the example of the George Jackson Brigade( i say this to replace the normal "take it easy" since you seem one to disparage false cheer)
At 5:03am on September 28, 2013, shannon king said…

I m so glad you liked my artwork, my zine is nearly done and its a art zine full of artwork and send you a copy when its done along with a few paintings if you like.

At 5:10pm on September 17, 2013, Sarah MacDonald said…

Sounds great! I will send you a couple of back issues of Thrifty Times.

At 5:01am on September 14, 2013, shannon king said…

hey, just wondering if u got my letter yet

At 9:42pm on September 6, 2013, Kari Tervo said…

P.S. My favorite word from Wiseblood #59: superlodeonplex. With collosialoseum in a close second, of course.

At 7:45pm on September 6, 2013, Kari Tervo said…

FIshspit! I just read Wiseblood #59. What a treat. I was in a restaurant cackling over my chicken sandwich while reading it. I want to have a hobo phase and walk along the train tracks, listening to you jaw stories, eating cherry pie stolen from a windowsill. "Beelzebub be Damned" was probably the one that made me laugh the most. Thanks overall for the window into your head!

After your peacock experience, I can see why you are telling me to steer clear of seagulls. You have PTSD--Peacock Traumatic Stress Disorder. 

My celebrity-obsessed heart is soo impressed with your Flea story. Dude, Flea bought you a drink. You should get some kind of lapel pin for that.

Thanks for the shout-out on the back inside cover! I'm thinking of starting a new series zine for non-Shardsy stuff and reviews--Wiseblood will definitely be a recommendation as a solid, consistent, hilarious collection! More! More!

At 4:23pm on September 2, 2013, Alexander B. Laubscher said…
Sorry man... Here's the address again:

117 Whedon rd
Apt 12
Syracuse NY 13129
At 6:26am on August 20, 2013, shannon king said…

hey i got ur package, i posting my letter this week, along with lots of artwork.

At 3:33pm on August 15, 2013, Alexander B. Laubscher said…
Thanks man! 117 whedon road apt 12 Syracuse New York.
At 8:05pm on August 13, 2013, Alexander B. Laubscher said…
Your zine sounds amazing. Could we work out a trade? If so email me at deep_fried_scream2013@aol.com
At 7:20am on August 7, 2013, shannon king said…

thanks, if it dosent get to u in few weeks, i just send u another one.

At 10:00am on August 6, 2013, Sarah Craft said…


my address is 

615 north washington avenue

Moorestown, Nj 08057

I'll send you a copy as soon as it's finished. :)

At 8:37am on August 4, 2013, Madrea Marie said…

I probably have a copy of my old zine as well, I'll send you one:) It has some of my art in it, and stories and stuff...I haven't done one in several years now, but hopefully I will make the time for it soon.

At 8:28am on August 4, 2013, Madrea Marie said…

Well that is absolutely awesome! now I will have to go look in this liitle podunk Texas town I'm in now for a print shop so I can send you some copies!

At 11:14am on August 3, 2013, shannon king said…

hey, have got my letter

At 8:40am on August 3, 2013, Madrea Marie said…

I was raised by hippies and artists :) Woodcarvers and beatniks, as well! And that sounds awesome, I would love to have my work displayed in a coffee shop. I'll pick a few favs and find a way to make copies and send you some!

At 8:11am on August 3, 2013, Madrea Marie said…

I was born in 1983! That makes me feel young, for once, haha:)

At 12:06am on August 3, 2013, Deirdree Prudence said…

Hey there! I can't wait to see your zine! I sent a friend request with my address inside it...If you could send it within the next week that'd be great! The review will be in the print version & on the web...hope to receive it soon! <3

At 2:03pm on August 2, 2013, Madrea Marie said…

A manatee? like a sea cow? maybe I would have to look at my pic! I havent been writing much lately, but maybe I can send you some mail art or something.

At 3:57pm on July 31, 2013, Sarah Craft said…

I'd love to trade! I'm writing a perzine at the moment about my personal struggle with a severe eating disorder amongst other things. that one's going to be about 40 pages, but it's still under construction. I also have a regular zine called Suburban-Nightmare which is kindof a mismash of all kinds of stuff. Coincidentally, i just released my first ever issue of that one, so i'm still a novice to this. 

Let me know which one you're interested in. The perzine won't be sent out until the end of August, but i can send Suburban Nightmare issue 1 in about a week (i'm on vacation.) lemme know.

happy reading, Sarah.


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