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At 11:12pm on May 20, 2017, Lisa Thuban said…

Sure! I'm new to this, so, I guess we mail each other a copy of our work? Fair enough. Anyway, mine is 2916 SE County Rd. 234  Gainesville, FL 32641.


At 6:01pm on May 3, 2017, straytech said…

100 fishspit buttons! --I'll get them in the mail by the end of the week -enjoy!

At 6:21pm on May 2, 2017, straytech said…

Paypal's fine:  wm.lindsay  -AT gmail -DOT com 

whenever is convenient. I'll work on the buttons between now and the weekend. I'll send along a pic when I ship again. : )

At 2:54pm on May 2, 2017, straytech said…

Hey! I got your postcard! 

Yeah, I can do 100 for $40 like you asked. I'll eat the shippig if you throw another mixtape my way sometime ;) 

Do you want the same mix, or just some of those designs? 

At 8:35am on March 27, 2017, Broken Thumb Press said…

Thanks for the welcome! looking forward to meeting more zine makers.


  Broken Thumb Press

At 5:12pm on March 23, 2017, Patricia said…

I got your package today.  Thank you for the lovely envelope art!  I made sure I didn't destroy the envelope when I opened it...  Because I usually rip them to shreds to get them open.  I am a big bum and am sending my zines to you tomorrow.  I got a bit under the weather - which is weird because I never get sick...  And today I had an appointment in Reno with...  My psychiatrist!  :)  But, apologies I didn't get them out earlier this week.  It actually works out, though, because there's some stuff I wanted to write you about yours.  I already read the ECT one and will read the other ones tonight.  Thanks again and it won't be too long 'til ya get what I'm sending you!  Take care!

At 8:16am on March 21, 2017, Patricia said…

Nope. not locked away.  I'll write you about why I fell off zine world.  And I am sorry I just cut off contact...  I did that with a few people and, when I do stuff like that, I feel like an ass!  Anyways, like I said, I will send you some stuff this week.  And I am interested in reading about the ECT...  I am sorry you have to go that far with treatment, but I hope it is helping.

At 11:45pm on March 20, 2017, Patricia said…

I am really sorry to hear about your cat, Pip.  Seriously.  That's really hard and it just sucks big time.  Terribly sorry to hear that.

My address is:

Patricia Amos

1950 Cherry Lane

Fallon NV 89406

I don't have those zines up on my page now to trade - as in the perzines where I wrote about hating zines and stuff.  I took them down because I kinda hate them!  I go back and forth...  But, I'll send them to you, because of the "zine hate" explanations.  I'll send a couple other little things, too.  I hope you are feeling well these days and I look forward to hearing from you.  I will send your stuff out this week.  Take care.

At 7:26pm on March 16, 2017, siomai charlene said…

Hey fishpit! I'd be more than happy to trade with you!

My address is:
Charlene Herrera
212 Lakeheights Rd
North Bay, ON
P1A 2Z3

What's your address? I'll let you know when I've put my zines to the mail! 

At 12:50pm on March 4, 2017, Izalixe Straightheart said…

That'd be really cool !(Trading zines). I am on vacation in Vancouver until April 5 but I got some copies of my latest zine, The Happy Loner #7 with me. I could mail it to you. You can also mail me a zine at my hotel if you send it quickly ( I am here until the 31st). Electro convulsive treatment... for mental health issues ? Geez, I didnt think that was still used ! What other topics do you have ? I am particularly interested in personal stories :)

At 12:35am on February 24, 2017, Shane Marshall said…

Hey Fishpit!

Just got your package in the mail! Read Wiseblood on the bus ride and I gotta say I enjoyed it! Thank you so much man. Hopefully my package gets to you sometime soon.


At 7:30pm on February 19, 2017, Shane Marshall said…
Hey fishpit
Send to:
Shayan Shafii
7642 Padova dr.
Goleta, CA 93117
At 2:25pm on February 18, 2017, Shane Marshall said…

Hey Fishpit! I'd be more than interested in a trade. I just added you so PM your address and I'll send in a couple of issues!

At 12:36pm on February 12, 2017, Britta Schulte said…

Your zines arrived, yay. Looking forward to read them soon! Thanks for the postcard, so sorry to hear about your bad news. All the best from all over the pond, thanks!

At 6:38pm on February 7, 2017, straytech said…

Hey! Got the pack a couple days ago! --Best envelope ever!! Tunes are great! You must have a couple years on me, as I only recognized a couple bands. 

Now I've got a month+ of reading ahead! I'll hit you up down the road for another trade. I kept all the button designs to reprint. --love what I've read so far. 

At 6:37pm on January 26, 2017, straytech said…

Nice! No rush --if you're reprinting!

I'm really looking forward to reading (and hearing!) where you're at. woot! cassette! 

I can't tell if WMZ is transplanting soon, but hope you stay involved. Now that I know my way around here-- I see that you're some of the glue.

keep doing what you're doing! 

At 11:37pm on January 23, 2017, Anna Gecko said…

Thanks for the comment. I needed it.

At 12:51pm on January 21, 2017, Britta Schulte said…

Zine is on its way. I moved house since we last swapped. New address:

14 Jubilee Mansion

Jubilee Street

London E1 3EG


Looking forward to my mail soon!

At 12:03am on January 19, 2017, straytech said…

Pounded out some buttons tonight (no blisters!)
I had to Internet stalk-you (might as well be stalking a ghost) to come up with some designs. I was thinking of a bootleg "pretty vacant" Pistols button I bought in the mid-80s when I was designing these. I can't sort out linking images here, but your buttons are on my WMZ page phots --called fishspitbuttons.
I'll send the 25 of them and some shipping cash... send back what you feel. I'll throw my address in the box. WB-67 and the Rusty Razor split speak to me, but I'd really like to see some of your early zines if you've got some dog-ears in the back of your closet or can re-xerox them. No worries either way. Look for a box next week!

At 2:42pm on January 18, 2017, Britta Schulte said…

Sounds amazing, happy to swap!!! My zine is mini though. Would you like until I have the next one ready (on surveillance cameras), or should I just send out the Dementia and Privacy for now?


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