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At 3:53pm on February 25, 2015, Francesca said…

Hey I saw the link to your zine, thanks for sharing. I read some of it tonight- taking off the slightly misogyinistic bits (which I would not try to diffuse or anything, but)- I would have appreciated your zine if one day I was at the library and that was on the free racks like my weird magazine is. Are you sure printing is so expensive for one so passionate about zines like you are? The layout may be seen more condensed in a zine while I see you have a lot of fluffy airy pages---I think having to print it would bring Stamina more close to my tastes; also in a zine that needs to be printed one does not end up writing in such bad english like my message oops

At 10:31am on January 31, 2015, Heather Wreckage said…

Hey Rich, glad you liked Dreams of Donuts so much!  Also, you know Robert (Eggplant) has a profile on WMZ right?  You can say hi to him on this.  Anywho, I don't get my zine printed at a printing press, I just do it at photo copy shops, so I don't really know of anywhere super affordable.  There is the Bay Area Alternative Press (i'm pretty sure thats what they're called) in Berkeley that lets you do volunteer work to get your stuff printed, but I've gone before and it seemed like tht amount of time I would need to invest was not worth it, but it's an option.

At 10:12am on January 25, 2015, Francesca said…

Hi, I saw your friend invite-- is it for a trade? what's your zine about? Thank-you & nice to meet you.

At 4:08pm on January 20, 2015, Allyson Amstutz said…

I would love to see your zine. Please send me a downloadable version! Thank you

At 7:45pm on January 11, 2015, Mike Nobody said…

I think my next zine is gonna be a really big project.

It may take awhile.

But, if I can pull it off, it should be pretty sweet.

At 8:15am on August 30, 2014, Breanna Vince said…

hahah thank you! maybe from facebook? ahaha I would like to trade too when I get some exstra$ or make a new zine just keep the friendship on here and keep in touch!

At 8:20am on June 4, 2014, fishspit said…

you are my fucking god . . . you know that . . .fuck jesus . . . fuck Jehovah . . . fuck all the rest . . . you are the one that keeps me going in all this nightmare of insanity.

fishspit out!

At 2:01am on May 21, 2014, fishspit said…

here it is . . . 1 a.m on a . . . what the fuck night is It? and I gotta go to fuck in the morning . . . I think at 7 a.m. .  i'm not sure. fuck work fuck bosses and fuck society.  yeah . . . i'm doomed. . . . i'll probably get fired tomorrow , .  . but then I can throw a brick through a window and get me paid board in jail. . fuck all . .  . fuck everything . . . this society is so tainted it makes me ashamed i'm part of it.

hopfully ill die soon and not have to get up any more. 

fuck all of you  . . . I hope you all die soon

love fishspit

At 7:53pm on May 20, 2014, Teto Preto said…

At 7:50pm on May 20, 2014, Teto Preto said…

At 7:28pm on May 20, 2014, fishspit said…

shit that's a great picture you put on the skinhead site!

as my good pal captain sensible says, "get wiseblood and smash it up!"

luv ya bro





At 12:21pm on May 14, 2014, Teto Preto said…

Um grande abraço!

At 7:16am on March 2, 2014, Tasha said…

Thanks for the ad! Anything you're keen on reading? let me know and shoot me through a postal address. Cheers :)

At 2:43pm on February 18, 2014, Teto Preto said…

i prefer THE FLAG project

At 6:49pm on January 24, 2014, fishspit said…

hey zineiac . . . you never have to pay for wiseblood!   It's free! 

At 6:35am on January 24, 2014, fishspit said…

Thanks Zineac!  You are awesome!  I love the pictures you posted of the old OI! boys.


At 4:36pm on January 23, 2014, fishspit said…

hey dear brother . . . . wiseblood is on its way to you!  You never have to ask.

Your site is fantatstic with the extra photos  . . . . it looks great!   You are awesome!

Fishspit out!


At 12:51pm on January 3, 2014, robert eggplant said…

hey Rich i just read your recent message...you are quite the writer. And i see your trying to move things. Well first off just send me a letter--even if you print it off your computer(like my mom does) but really your hand is fine. I have messy handy work and noone posts about the dangers of corresponding with me.

2nd try only asking for a little from strangers. In your excitement you forgot that i have something to do today besides read (and respond) to your words--much less plans in the upcoming week. I endeavor to accomadate people. But your asking for a lot. So with that in mind i'm not inclined to blog, to read them or even seek money in that arena; now if my baby was in jail it may be a different song i sing.

But as i tell my friend Asher, "Im a Rebel" which means this is my computer time right now-and that includes not having an email address.

It is pretty sleepy for a friday in Oakland. I will finish this off then send a new organizer to a friend i met on WMZ. She even helped on it when visiting the Bay. Of course the post office will drain my vital essences. I hope your weekend rocks.

At 6:31am on December 10, 2013, famatta said…

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Miss Grace Kamara

At 5:17pm on December 3, 2013, fishspit said…

Rich . . . what i'd like to learn is how to get my records on to a c.d.

I've never had me an m.p. 3. 

I'm computer-retarded.  I had never been on one until just a few years ago.

fishspit out.


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