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At 10:06am on August 5, 2014, Euph Tonic said…

HI kimberley.Im looking for a pen pal too.Hope we can trade letters and zines if you want.Im from the Philippines and its really difficult to find people who can understand me as of what i am.Thats why im roaming around and looking for people who can understand and share stories with..Where are you from?..I hope you dont mind talking with me about anything..Thanks for accepting my friendship anyways..Take Care..Cheers!

At 8:50pm on May 12, 2014, fishspit said…

oi oi girl . . . i got a letter and some badges and some patches and some stickers and a whole bunch of stuff for you . . . but i'm also within a week of getting the next wiseblood out . . . so i just want you to know that i am thinking of ya and will get your letter answered to ya and al sort of stuff this next week including the new wiseblood!   

i send you love from the old U.S.of A.


At 11:55am on May 3, 2014, Kelly C said…
Hi, Im new to Zines, havent made one yet but want too - what about you?
At 4:04pm on May 2, 2014, Kelly C said…
Hi Kimberley Thanks for leaving me a comment, IM good thankyou - how are you?
At 6:30pm on May 1, 2014, fishspit said…

got your letter today . . . so much thanks . . .

I think you should post one to a woman who belongs to yous all uk and Ireland zinesters . . . she friended me . . . I only know her as kelly c. on the site here.

will write when I get a chance.

keep Seymour issue 1 rolling and sent off . .. it really is a great zine.  as a mean old sexist curmudgeon . . . you know it's gotta be good if I love it.

fishspit out

At 9:50pm on April 23, 2014, fishspit said…

hey Kim . . . don't sweat it. . . . write when you have time.  There's never any hurry in nothing.

sending love from America,


At 8:17am on April 22, 2014, Mike Nobody said…

Not yet, I don't think.

I'll be looking for it.


At 1:40pm on March 31, 2014, fishspit said…

oi! limey .  . .

you are so awesome.  Got your letter today.  and your fantastic zine.  I will write how I like it in my letter to you.  so strange that I can write you on here but also send a letter.  Letters are so wonderful.  Thank you for yours . . . with all my heart!  We won't have to communicate on here anymore . . . we got the postal system!

I thank you again,


At 2:07pm on March 23, 2014, fishspit said…


Kimberley . . . you better send me your address again.  I can't seem to find where I've written it down.


At 2:04pm on March 23, 2014, fishspit said…

yeah Kimberley,

here's how we do it in the good old u.s. of a . . .



1304 175th Pl. NE

Bellevue, WA, 98008


thanks for askin' . . .

At 5:45pm on March 21, 2014, fishspit said…

No worries Kimberly.  As a dead end yob, as you say over there, I don't have a lot to do . . . still the depression has been brutal.  2 deaths . . . and if they come in three's, as they say, I expect another one . . . that sort of thing really messes me up . . .  so even with lots of time I can only make it out of bed for a while to try and get a few letters worked on. And you being in school . . . well . . . schooling is a lot of work. 

Nice names for cats Kimberley!  My little precious is orange and white. 

How do you listen to music with no tape player and no c.d. player. Do you have a record player?  Have you heard the great Seattle grunge/punk band Catbutt?

When I get low like this I like to listen to your band the Toy Dolls. Their silliness gives me a lift. 

I send you and the cats lots of cheers.

Fishspit out.

At 11:05pm on March 19, 2014, fishspit said…

Yeah . . . Kimberley  . . . sometimes it's awful hard to foster. Your home pals (animals) don't like to get their life disrupted.  I have meant to get something posted to you but these last 6 days have been truly insane.  If anything could go wrong it certainly did. 

I'd like to know if you have a tape player . . . I want to make you a tape of some rare grunge stuff I have (I grew up in the suburbs of seattle you know) but I only have the vinyl.  I don't know how to make c.d.s.  But I don't I have some c.d's I'd like to put in the post to you. 

I should say I love Cocksparrer's "running riot" but in actuality I like a song off this modern c.d. another British pen pal sent me.  The name of the c.d. is Here We Stand. 

My fave band of all times is British . . . The Vibrators.  But the best punk band that ever was is an American band from Michigan called the Crucifucks. 

My cat . . . though she's a she . . . is named after your Charles Dicken's character . . . Pip . . . she and I send a Cheerio and toodlepip from America.


At 2:33pm on March 14, 2014, fishspit said…

p.s oi! I just read the post . . . I don't mean "e-mail" pal . . . I meant . . . slow poke mail pal.

At 2:32pm on March 14, 2014, fishspit said…

oi! oi! oi!  what is it with you limeys and your goddamned cocksparrer and "England belongs to me"?  we all know England is America's lap dog . . . England belongs to us!  we tell you all to jump and you ask how high! 

no no . . . I tease . . . just teasing you . . .

It would be a privileged and a pleasure to be your e-mail pal.  My address is 1304 175th Pl. NE, Bellevue, WA 98008.  I will send a letter a bunch of zines and some stickers and patches and  . . . well . . . if there's anything from the states you want you let me know.  I look forward to our next encounter being by the good old god bless 'em postal system.  The only real way people should communicate!

oi! oi! Kimberly  . . . and god bless you

Fishspit out.

p.s. do you have a cat?

At 6:43pm on March 13, 2014, fishspit said…

Oi! you Brit!  Did you ever get a pen pal?  My name is Fishspit and I put out Wiseblood.  You can find me on here.  I have been unable to hold down a job for years!  I'm a mental cripple.  I love animals and have an adopted goat named Bucky and a cat named Pip.  I spend my days volunteering for NAMI (National Association on Mental Illness) and listening to records of which I got thousands and thousands of.  If you want to trade letters and music and stickers and stuff you let me know. 

You say you like grunge. I could blow your mind with a few stories.  I saw Nirvana when they played a dorm room at my college in Olympia Washington.  I live in the suburbs of Seattle.  But I don't like the long hair stuff myself. I like your short hair hooligan ruck and roll like the Cockney Rejects.

Anyway, you write back if you wanna send mail to each other,

I wish you all the best,


At 3:25am on March 7, 2014, Stephanie Male said…

Hey, depends where your based? If your in the UK, then most definitely I trade....and penpal/snail mail stuff too because I miss writing letters. 


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