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theres alot of scenes on the east coast,but really if they were any good,they would be in new york.it doesnt make sense to put out a zine if you live in some embarrasingly crappy dump like philly.maybe philly,but if your any souther,you have no right to publish a zine.the south is racist,so,if you live there,you obviously tolerate racism,or you'd change it,or move to a real city.there are no actual zines from anywhere below the mason dixon line.people from the south are too stupid to have enough shit to say to fill a zine.if your zine is from the south,it's fake.your cross is burning-go somewhere else.your not accepted here,hick.other things that should tell you if a zine is a piece of garbage put out by nitwit fuckwads-tolerance of christianity.christians are sworn enemies of womens rights,and should all be killed,slowly.if your not ready to kill christians,you shouldnt put out your shitty zine.other filthy cults,like(gag)mormons,who fuck thier daughters,should never be in zines,or even at zine conventions,or even breathe.mormons are a racist cult,and need to be poisoned with strychnine.if your anti-abortion,you need to die.thats plain and simple.you cant even talk-your an opressor,and your entire family should be burned alive.zines are for cool people from california or new york.they're not for people stupid enough to tolerate religion.if we let people who dont hate religion enjoy zines,then they could use the information to infiltrate zine stores everywhere.then they'd have to be violently assaulted inside the store,getting blood all over the new issue of thrift score.it's just a given.it's like the midwest-with the exception of chicago,you will find nothing of any value in the midwest.no cultural contributions have ever come from the midwest.it's an artistic and intellectual dead zone.except for canning,the midwest has nothing zineworthy that has ever happened there ever.if you think thats wrong,your kidding yourself.the midwest is richie cunningham.it's a dump,and everyone who ever lived there soaked up enough stupidity to last a lifetime.you may be able to be from there,but if you live there right now,your either an idiot or your moving.zines are supposed to be by cool people from wierd places-or thier boring and stupid.people in rotten,scummy,horrible racist dump's like michigan or kentucky should never,ever publish a zine.maybe,if its a really really great zine,with amazing writing and great art,then it doesnt matter.but those zines dont come from a hell hole dumpy state that sucks.they come from a state with a population that is smart enough to read,not a fucked piece of shit like texas.so if your in the middle of your zine,and your in texas,please,stop now.it's embearassing to real zine printers to know that someone stupid enough to live in texas can put out a zine.it makes everyone look bad.get your shit together,move somewhere else,then try writing.otherwise,your a fucking parasite leech,destroying zines by publishing them from such a sickening location.i could be wrong-but i'm not,and you know it.

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Comment by Kari Tervo on July 8, 2011 at 3:59am

"zines are for cool people from california or new york."

That!  haha,  From a Los Angeleno. :)

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