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Zines-The 90's Zines Were So Much Better

Zine this,zine that. There's no real content to just being a fucking cheerleader.Zine community,blah blah blah.Theres more to good writing and art than just being positive.You should probably have something to say before you open your mouth and start espousing opinions on what people should buy, or who they can like.It sounds like most zines exist in a vacuum-no fresh air comes in,and everything is sucked out.Whats left is pure hobby-its there for the enjoyment of the producer.This is obvious when you realize the lack of direction than drips from every under done page.Its all opinion,but no real substance. There's criticism,but no alternatives offered that are worthwhile.This stream of bullshit is endless:it stretches for miles and miles.A veritable sea of mediocrity,directionless,unflinching in its self assured conviction,yet completely off the mark."This is bad,that's good",squawk zine parrots,peddling non existent influence through power hungry weaklings and self appointed kings of nothing.You know, I'm not really trying to put down amatuer's for releasing their crappy zines that suck. I think it's sad when I see a zine that looks like it took half a day to make. What I think sucks though is people basically trying to censor and bad mouth other peoples efforts- basically, labeling shit they hate in an effort to shut it out. When I see people vehemently banning and boycotting and just hating zines because of what they perceive to be sexist or racist content,it makes me sick.They're twisting around peoples efforts, and exxagerating things, writing intent into subject matter that isnt there.The worst thing about it is,they're just picking the weak link and attacking it.If they had any courage to their conviction, they would go yell that shit at football teams or cops. Instead,out of convenience and competitiveness, they attack people within the scene-people that we should be making bonds with.If friendship existed, and an exchange of ideas, it would put a human face on the problems facing the zine community and people in general.Instead, it's a battle no one can win. We should be uniting against right wing oppression-anti gay laws, racism,drug abuse,domestic abuse. Instead theres a wall of finger pointing and hatred and snarkiness that garauntees these problems will ruin us,and take zines with them,instead of improving anything. 

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Comment by Tom Hendricks on March 1, 2014 at 9:03pm
Started Musea in 1992. There was not only a real explosion of zines from the desktop publishing advances, but a real sense of community. Zines reviewing other zines just to help promote them. See if anyone in any art does that today! 90's were a high point for me, though Musea is going strong at 22 years and counting. Just not the same atmosphere now.
Comment by bobby madness on February 26, 2014 at 4:01pm

Thanks...I just called it that so people would read it.I appreciate your comments on the grrl movement though.I don't have much insight on it, but I did see the girl from Sleater Kinney in an American Express commercial.

Comment by Zelda on February 26, 2014 at 1:14pm

very well written....okay, I'm really young and didn't even exist in the 90s, but when I first got into zines, I was really disappointed about how much people spoke but didn't have any actions to back it up. I was initially into riot grrrl until my "fellow" grrrls kicked me out when I started listening to ONE band with a boy singer. meanwhile they ranted about their boyfriend. uhhhh hypocritical asshole much ?

Comment by Mike Nobody on February 26, 2014 at 11:59am

I am still interested in adding penpals if you wanna talk about that, or anything else.

I cannot really say if the 90's were better for zines or not.

Probably so.

The rise of the internet has taken people away from printed matter.

But, I tend to look at the internet as just another tool in the toolbox.

Backstabbing haters in the scene have always been around.

So, I don't pay them much mind.

Eventually, they leave.


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