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zines in jutlandia. forms part of NYBYGGERNE((SETTLERS)

In November 2010, Ridehuset in Aarhus will be occupied by settlers.Kulturhus Aarhus in collaboration with Geiger, Literature on Stage and I Do Art arrange an art exhibition, whose equal has not been seen before.Approximately 20 artists in visual arts, performing arts, literature and music are invited inside and, together creating a pioneer society through their art.Each artist gets parceled out a plot, they must get to work for themselves, but also a whole with the bystanders artists. The result will be an exciting insight into how art moves in these years, but also how the upcoming Cultural Freight Railway in Aarhus will operate and work with artists as prime mover.

Newly want to give a large number of artists and cultural operators the opportunity to perform and develop a range of artistic activities in and around Ridehuset from 17 - 21 November. The project was started by Kulturhus Aarhus and related to the upcoming Cultural Centre on Freight Station, there will be a production center for the performing arts, visual arts and literature. Nybygger projektet Ridehuset is both an experiment in itself and a micro-study of challenges of the coming year at Manor course: How do artists and arts together in new ways. What potentials are there in the collaboration between the arts, which will be housed at Freight Station.
The intention of Settler project is to capture some of the trends that characterize the particular Aarhus, but also the Danish and international art scene at the moment in literature, visual arts, performing arts and music. With the project will establish a series of new collaborations between the four art forms and between artists who have not previously worked together.
The main idea behind Settlers has to adapt Ridehuset as an uncultivated nybyggerland with plots - in the sense that Ridehuset divided into approx. 20 land / plots of 6-12 m2. An equal number of artists / arts groups have control over each of these plots. The aim is thus to establish a settlement of the Riding House.
Before the artists move in, such plots recorded. Lars von Trier's Dogville-city is an obvious visual reference point. Apart from creating a little bit of scenery - eg. little forest, a little desert, a city square - will Ridehuset blank, and the participating artists must adjust their plot they want - hollow scene and everything in between. The same applies to the artistic content by artists / arts groups can put in and on their land.
The artists manage their own respective areas, and determines how they relate to the others around them. You can choose the role of the recluse or start building a society - socially and artistic. Territory is basically lawless. One can shop, play, fight, etc. that you think. In this way, artists are challenged to seek each other in new collaborations both artistic and practical nature.
There will be invited for a series of internal events for the selected artists. For these events will be a draw between the artists on the size and location of parcel, and here will be able to become established new collaborations between artists. In addition, each 
art project to receive 3000 - 5000 million to cover expenses. The funded money to be spent on materials

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