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and I love that about them.

It is the abscense of guidlines and boundaries of this format that make zines, making/reading/enjoying them such a pleasure to me. I need an outlet that I can express myself in around the stupid hours i keep, i'm a pro cut and paster (or so i tell my kids!) and love love love the 'not-knowing' how my end of project product will turn out.

I have been gifted some interesting books that specifically target the 'questions' and discuss the lables and argue the 'what is a' zine questions; all of which I am currently re-reading in hopes of finally discovering the true entity of this fabulous thing that has consumed me in every possible way. They are all, in their own right/s and way/s acurate portrayls of what zine 'culture' is like and the why's and how's that this subculture has its rise/falls in society in popularity as more political reasoning and empathy is discovered through different and fresh generations and minds.. its all varies and it's all relevent, BUT it's frustrating to read too. I find myself agreeing with and arguing, defending at times, the existence of zines as a form of expression; political, artistically - neither are exclusive from the other! I find that anyone who writes/reads zines has several levels of agenda and enjoys different aspects of zines at different times, and that's ok.

the simple fact that such a format of expression exists; zines, you make sense to me.

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