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There is not a lot of violence in zines.There's probably some violent slogan's in some anti-government zines,but they're pretty vague and not very inter-personal; smash the state,hate capitalism,that kind of stuff.You don't find a lot of examples of zines being directly connected to violence.That's why what happened to me the other night is all the more fucked up.I did a poster for my friend's band,and he said I should come check out his gig at a house party. I don't go out to punk show's that much anymore, so I figured sure,why not. I hit the joint wearing my cool old punk rock vest, and found the dumpy house right away- there were all these beer swilling retro slut's out front.A real sophisticated looking crowd.So I go to go in, and this kid at the front door hit's me up for 5 dollar's.I was all like, "I'm Bobby Madness-I did a poster for the band." So then he say's,"There's 6 band's-5 dollar's." So I gave him 10, and went downstair's.It smelled like pee pee and stale Hamm's. The sound was so shitty, the singer sounded like a Hitler speech. Then this group of Green Day on welfare lookin' motherfucker's were eyeballing me, so I figured they wanted to fuck me or something. One of them comes over and said, "Hey-are you really Bobby Madness, the cartoonist?". I figured,hey, I'm finally getting my prop's. So I said, "Yeah!",and he said, "Your comic's are racist, homophobic bullshit.".I couldn't think of a comeback, so as he walked away, I screamed, "Homophobic? I used to suck dick all the time!". But right before that, the band hit the last note on thier last tune, so all everybody heard was, "I USED TO SUCK DICK ALL THE TIME!!!". Now the whole place stared at me, and I was pissed. So I went to chill. Then after a minute, I went up to him and said, "Hey- have you seen my new zine?", and he was like, "No",and I said, "Yeah, it's called  "I'm Gonna Punch You In The Face- here's a free copy", and punched him in the face. I was drunk, though, so it was a glancing blow, and my fist hit this chyck walking by right in the left tit! She fell backward's crying, and spilled beer all over 5 Rose City Boot Boy's. Trying to exude confidence, I jokingly said, "Sorry, ladies", to lift the tension.Next thing I know, for no reason they jump me! So I try to stand up, but like 5 guy's are beating my ass- so I'm staggering around like a 10 armed tasmanian devil, and everything in the house get's wrecked. Finally, I grabbed a reciever off a broken shelf and smashed it into one fucker's head, then threw another guy into a tropical fish-tank, and when it smashed people slipped around, and in the chaos, I kicked out a window upstair's after grabbing a computer, and split. Luckily, I wasn't hurt, so it all went well,but I think that's a good example of zines and violence!

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