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Zinefreak42 Blathers on about Zines & the way he does 'em

Me & Zines:

I don't know for sure how everyone does their zines (…and I am sure that there
are as many answers to that as there are people reading this) But I figured I
would give you a little run down on how I do things… and if any one cares to
share I would love to talk to others about how they do things… I am ALWAYS
willing to learn.

Zinefreak42's basic Zine Process

  1. I think we have a heart beat - I carry a Small hardbound Journal/Notebook at all times… so the beginning of ALL my Zines are the Quickly scribbled Pages of my journal.

  1. Details, details, details - I may let the idea sit for awhile and/or scribble small details or potential Quotes to be included in among the pages of my ever loved & tattered journal.

  1. VisionQuest - I continue gathering Ideas and get a General "Vision" of what I want to say
    in the Zine.

  1. Scribble up the Rough sketches - this part is the widest ranging item on my list…. I may Sketch my rough ideas on the Cliché Diner Napkin or the Place mat from my meal, in
    my journal, in a steno notebook, on loose sheets of random paper, or the nearest handful of Copier paper I can get my paws on.

  1. Tighten up the Layout - Refine the sketches into an overall layout. I do this with my 2mm
    Staedtler Mars 780 (This = Love)

  1. Inked into permanence - Put some ink over what I decide to be my final pencil lines… I do Not ink my text I leave that laid out in pencil

  1. Wipe away traces of that sketch - After the ink dries for awhile (and I define "Awhile" as the amount of time it takes me to ink maybe another page or two, then grab something to drink and/or eat) I run my super Handy dandy eraser of awesomeness over it to clean up everything (EXCEPT the text of course.)

  1. A Scanner Darkly - After a quick brush off I flop the Sheet down on my Scanner… time to Go Digital (And this is where I am sure there are some truest of the true Zinesters
    that are emitting a low grumbly Groan against technology) I Punch in my scan options and I tear off into the digital realm.

  1. Into the Darkness of the Digtal Realm - Now Like I mentioned I have all of my sketches in the world of Bits & Bytes. So I do my Cut & Paste Via a digital pair of shears While slathering the
    digital glue liberally.

  1. Templates are your Friends! - In the digital realm I have taken the time to set up TEMPLATES for the very specific Zine sizes that I prefer to work in. I spend my time laying out the sheets… taking into account the unprintable areas and the Layout requirements to get the folds to work to my benefit.

  1. Flats - I save a complete Layered version of my page and then also a Flattened image in all it's pristine beauty. I do this for Each and every page. I have found that this gives me the most options when it comes time to do the print layout….. Some I am sure will find it to be a great deal of work… but I like the way the process flows and I find that it gives me a certain level of consistency with doing revisions and edits down the road.

  1. Printing - Okay so I have a folder that contains an image of each and every page for my zine. I take those pages and put them in the proper order (This depends on the method I will use to
    print them Which Order I use) … this is a preference thing I know the way I like to set stuff up for print… because THAT is the way I can get my head wrapped around it… but that may not be something that you think is logical. This has A lot to do with what you are using for equipment as well… Does it need drying time… does it have the ability to Print on both sides during one printing operation (Duplex Printing… among other terms I am sure ), Printing all the Odd sides, then the evens… Like I said this to me falls more on your preference. Work with what you got.

  1. Proof read my Full "test copy" - I try to read it through a few times (AFTER I have had some sleep! At least I TRY to get some sleep.)

  1. The Trusted "Editor" - I have a few folks that get a "Prerelease copy" part of the deal is I expect them to read through it and catch my spelling mistakes and total glaringly obvious
    (to the rest of the world) Screw-ups… I get feed back from them on how it reads through… if the thing made sense or if they were left with more questions than answers…. Unless of course that is what I was going for. This is important…. You have to realize You KNOW how it is supposed to read and You KNOW all the back story and a million and 1/2 background
    details that most readers will not have a working knowledge of… so laying a fresh pair of eyes on your zine to give it a serious inspection is the best thing you can do… and if improvement is truly your goal… then I recommend that you ask someone that is in NO WAY obligated to save your feelings… if you feel like really getting a once over get Joe Random user to give it a once over or a teacher or someone that you work with. A fresh set of eyes can be a very rewarding experience if taken for what it's worth.

  1. "It's Alive… ALIVE!!!" - Ok… This thing has been poked and prodded into existence all the way up from a simple scribble in a journal. Now It is ready for Mass consumption… Ready to walk out among the living and travel the globe (or at least as far as I can muster to get requests). So… all of this has lead to the point where I can consume a celebratory beverage of my choosing and Relax…. But then… My journal is full of the "Next" Zine that I need to get
    to… So Of course That takes me back to the beginning.

So... Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

Alright…. I guess I have run off at the mouth long enough.

Now that you all know more about me and my ways than anyone asked I guess you are
free to go back to your normally scheduled Lives…. Get out there and start
cranking through those Ideas… punch out those rough ideas and hammer them into
something (Then send me a copy!)

See you on the flipside.


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Comment by Jme Hash on February 20, 2010 at 12:09pm
Good process there mister! And yeah-an animal zine would be fun! WeeT! Ya know-I grew up in the great ol' tundra of Maine. It is a good place for writers-nice and quiet.


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