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As all you fan's of independant publishing out there know,there's some way out,wacky,interesting and fresh talent when it comes to Zines,Zine-making,Underground Zine lab's,Zine store's,Zine eyeglasses,Zine haz-mat safety suit's,and everything even remotely connected to Zines in any way,shape,or form.Zine bar's,Zine police,Zine fashion show's,Zine wear and Zine designer drug's are becoming more popular than oral sex lately.It seem's you cant walk two fucking feet without running into some great person with a fantastic amazing zine,that makes you want to open a zine museum just for them.In fact,I know alot of major zine writer's who've sold thousand's of zines,and were 2 seconds away from a book deal,who saw a poorly copied local zine that only sold one issue to a close relative,say-"Wow-this person has summed up Independant thought and individualism so much better than me,that I'm going to quit writing zines altogether,and move back to Kentucky".And then they've done just that.I've actually seen that happen,like,four or five times at various zine conventions.That,to me,is amazing,and it's what zines are all about,man.And as I hop in my Zine car (I used old copie's of zine's coated with body filler to fix the dent's in it that I had from driving so fast to get to the Zine store),I think,you know,that's why life is like a zine- a potpourri of different,amazing great people,drinking herbal tea,petting their cat's,stopping racism,sexism,and homophobia dead in it's track's simply by being alive and buying the correct bumper sticker's.It's times like this that I reflect on some of the mistakes and failures Ive made publishing great zines over the year's-so I can modestly learn from the few mistakes I've made,whether it's joining a cult,becoming a nazi even though my mother is jewish,or coming out of the closet,and then finding out I was really just horny,and going back in for awhile.My first attempt at a zine,Drinking In The Park,was actually written on the back of a bunch of court paper's,and was about me,drinking in DeWitt park.It was actually written on the front of the court paper's too.It was 3 page's long,and I only put out one copy-the original.I tried to sell it,but everyone laughed at me-they're probably laughing out of the other side of thier face now,since I've seen that very same zine on Ebay for 2 dollar's-nothing to laugh at in today's economy.Other crazy,wacky idea's that never worked,like my zine printed on Methane gas using Mercury for ink (I guess I was just trying to be different!),or my zine about how I was going to get away with all these crimes I hadn't commited yet (My Probation Officer got a copy and charged me with Conspiracy)will all be told and retold to my cat by me in my apartment alone while I slowly die of drug addiction and pnuemonia,alone and freezing.But one thing's for sure-I can thank zines for getting me there,as I go to meet my Zine-god in Zine heaven.

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