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I didn't really get into zines near the end of the 70's.I was wrapped up in getting high and running away from home and getting kicked out of school,or hot rodding car's and other chaos.When I finally ended up in New York again,I was down on the Lower East Side.There was alot of access to all the best zines in the universe there.There were alot of cool artist's putting out great publication's,and I remember reading STOP,and The Voice,PUNK Magazine,and ton's of other cool graphic's and shit.I decided to pursue my dream and become an underground cartoonist.The only problem was that I had been tossed out of the group home,and was living on the street.Plus,in New York theres a ton of artists,who really have thier shit together.I didn't even have anywhere to draw.I was squatting,and alway's getting jumped,since I was only 15.When I was in New York I drew Johnny Nowhere and the Teenage Gayblades,and people really liked it.I did 2 issues of KAOS comics,which was like a comic with the format of Sniffin' Glue(there were still some old copies of it laying around Marco's Loisada pad on 10th).Really though I thought my work would eventually take off,but it wasn't happening.I was doing mad graffiti all over town,but that was pretty competitive.I read that R Crumb started out selling comics on the streetcorner in San Francisco,so I figured that might work.I got a Greyhound ticket out there,and started drawing my new great comic zine that was sure to make me famous.It didn't really work out that way,and living on the street's made it hard to draw.I got one of those hardcover sketchbook's though,and just drew comic's in it and carried it around with me.I only lasted about 6 month's out there.I kept getting put in jail for squatting in abandoned building's.I drew comics the whole time though.I stuck with drawing,even though I was broke,and stealing food,or hustling to get by.I went back to New York,where my best friend Chris had a squat in an old water tower.I drew alot there,and occasionaly printed copies up at the copy shop.I sold them wherever I could,at shows or just on the street,or down on St.Marks Place.I got alot of encouragement from people,and put alot of political shit in them,mostly anti-Reagan end of the world shit,or corny porno shit.The prevailing attitude was that the world was coming to an end due to nuclear proliferation,and somehow this was connected to the musical style war playing itself out all around us.The future was upon us,we figured,and our time was limited.As punk's,we were obligated to use any means necessary to dominate and destroy all sub-genres of phony,uncool tunes proliferating the scene.Otherwise,our last day's on earth would have a crappy soundtrack.We couldn't go down in history as the generation that destroyed itself playing "Mickey" by Toni Basil.Throughout all this,I made sure I drew every day,even though I was house less.It sucked.

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Comment by bobby madness on March 6, 2013 at 7:18am

thanks.i appreciate the feedback.

Comment by Nick Kessler on March 4, 2013 at 3:40pm

Fascinating as always, Bobby.  I've got to read your posts more.

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