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Man,i was reading Zine Crush in the Library (Powell's),and I thought of my first zine crush.I was crashing in my friend Brett's basement without telling him.He was staying with this over the hill rock and roll chyck that thought she knew everything.They were eating all these crazy designer drug's and he was living there with her and her boyfriend,like,double teaming her and playing Psychocandy by Jesus and Mary Chain till thier eyes rolled out of thier head's,or something.Well,I met this totally rad girl who was doing this zine called Killing Machine,with her goth,stuck up mean friend,who like,was so goth she hung upside down like a bat when she slept,and ate spider's for breakfast.Well,I figured she was cool-her zine was great,she like The Fiend's and the Misfit's,she was a really good artist who was in art school,and she had a mohawk,which I'd never seen before.Well,we started hanging out and drinking beer together,and I shoplifted her some cool stuff from the Comic Store.We went out on a couple of dates,you know,drinking under the bridge and sneaking into the movies,shit like that.We looked for some graphic's from some old magazines,to put in her zine.Well,one night we were hanging out at Brett's getting really wasted-oh,I forgot to mention that I wasn't actually telling Brett I was crashing in his basement.His new girlfriend,since she was so stuck up,said I couldn't crash there,since I wasn't some cool heroin guy.So when I'd go to leave,I'd just prop the door to her building open,and go inside and crash in the basement.There was all these storage unit's down there,and so I could just grab a mattress,and kick back and read some medical book's with pictures of bear attack's in them-it was all i could find!The only bummer was i had to listen to those three goon's upstairs fucking all night,playing that goddamn Jesus and Mary Chain record.Well,it was cold out and we were drunk and she got stuck in the city,so I told her about my secret crash spot that sucked.She actually thought it was cool,and crashed there with me!It was great to have the company,and we laughed our ass off listening to those guy's going through the kama sutra.Well,the next day she asked me if I would accompany her out to the burb's to get some of her art.I thought it was wierd that she wouldn't let me in her house,but she said her roomates were dick's.Well,we hung out all day together,and at night we went over to Brett's to party,and sleep in his basement.He was so happy that I finally met a girl,he let me bum 2 hit's of this crazy designer drug his friend invented.Me & her popped them,and sat back to enjoy the firework's.Well,the drug's made the music sound better,but she got all wierd and decided we had to split.I tried to mellow her out in the basement,and thought I finally succeeded,when I passed out at 5 a.m..When I woke up though,she was gone!I couldn't find her anywhere,and I felt really bad.Finally,I went out and asked her roomates in the burb's.Well,they werent her roomates,they were her parent's,and it turn's out she wasn't in Art School,she was in High School!I lit out before the pig's showed up,and when I told Brett about it,he told me his friend hadn't worked out all the kink's in his new drug yet,and his girl went blind for 3 day's after taking it!I found out later her parent's found her trying to eat a tree in the neighbor's yard naked in the snow,and put her in a mental institution.Man,what a wierd crush!

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