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Zine: A Real Witch: Our Lady of Golden Hill

I'm making a 'zine entitled "A Real Witch: Our Lady of Golden Hill." It has nine pages of text. There is a color Xerox inside cover (front and back) with a multimedia image (relating to themes in the text). The outer cover is made of color Xeroxed marbleized art paper (outside) and one collaged design element and a color Xerox of black sparkle paper (inside). It is stapled in the center seam. 8 1/2 x 11 copy paper.

It tells the story of Nancy Ann Wood (1745-1833) who was married to John Ashworth. In my retelling of her life, she becomes Our Lady of the Underemployed. She is the patron saint of my neighborhood in southern California. She had a cure for dropsy (heart trouble) and scald head (scabs under hair). It was said that she was criticized at her church for wearing petticoats with ruffles and that she cursed those who crossed her. Her cures worked, even on her rich critics. I link her to the history of the I.W.W., St. Francis Xavier and Elvis Presley. She shocked Baptists, Methodists and Quakers. I reveal her mixed ancestry (Melungeon/Redbone) ties (not recognized in official histories).

I teach a class on anarchist theory/geophilosophy/experimental/avant-garde literature, and I'm going to make the text available to students (or copies if they are interested). I'm planning a show where I teach (San Diego State University). Anyone who is interested can send me a copy (and I'll do a trade with mine): 1341 31st St., San Diego, CA 92012. The show would be from May-June 2013. It will be curated (but all submissions will be shown--the curator will just write up a statement about all of the 'zines, based on info that is sent along with the 'zine). Submission deadline: March 1, 2013.

All 'zines will be kept in a permanent collection in my art lab/office (Chicana/o Studies, Arts and Letters, San Diego State University).

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