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Your kinda crazy? Let's get this thing wound up tight...

Okay... so I just showed up... I know you are probably all amazed already "BUT WAIT... There's MORE!"

Well... I am not sure if it's all that or not... but whatever.

Let see, lemme give you a peek into my current life... More as a warning that info.
I mean c'mon,don't ya think that all things should give you that cursory Warning so you know when to Run and when they happen to spew your kinda crazy?

I can't make any promises on how regular I will be updating this blog... but I have been in need of a new place to launch all my mental-vomit. This seems like a good spot to me.

I am a random anomaly. Never really happy to be neatly placed in a single category or space I slip and slither around between all of my interests.

Which include but are NOT limited to:

Music, Art, Zine, the smell of sharpie markers and the black fingernails they tend to leave me with, The theme song to "The Fall Guy" and "Where in the world is Carmen San Diego?", Tattoos, Piercings, Singing loudly (I didn't say "Well" I Said Loudly... but I have fun) Rolling Rock, Guitar Solos, Dr. Pepper, Coffee, drawing, Digital art, Writing, day dreaming, watching paint dry.

I am interested in stricking up new friendships / Pen Pal-ism / Art-Trades / Zine-Swaps / general knowledge swap and of course joining the overall like-minded Zine community.

If anything I have drizzled out onto this page catches your attention... go ahead and add me. Trust me the Narcissism is an act (Mostly) ;0) but it is fun.... and there of course has to be a slight degree of self Love in this crazy world.... Right?

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