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well,the 4th of july is over,thank goddess.i had to work through the whole weekend-nobody else wanted any of the shifts.i work in a bar,so it was really busy.it was cool though,i made alot of tips.plus i got to see some killer bands play.there was only a couple of fights,too,so it was pretty laid back.i guess everybody was too happy and drunk to fight.some somalian cat tried to punch me in the face,but the back doorguy caught his fist just in time.i could hear it whizz by my face.he caught one in the dome,and went to his car and got a machete.but besides that,and running off a few homeless guy's,i had a good time.it was a bitch behind the bar though,busy as fuck.on sunday,they had the stompin ass funk band,and it was off the hook.i almost shut it down,and stopped letting cats in,it was so packed.the band killed though,a killer 4 piece that fills dance floors consistently.i got off at 4am,and then had to be back at 9am the next day to do a sub shift for big rhonda,the day cook/janitor.she needed a fucking vacation,and i needed the deniro's.i worked her shift,pumping the fuck out of the house system with the old school hip hop.then i got off after happy hour,and had to be back at 8 for my bar shift.that was also slammed,and i kicked out hella deep fried heart attack crap for the masses.t-rock was head bartender,so i was psyched.he's a big cracker from norleans,and he was slinging drinks like an 8 armed hindu bar god.altogether,it was a kick-ass weekend.the key was the music.it's hard to find live music these days-cheap bosses think the musicians want too much money,and replace them with deejays.hack bands that suck undercut the real bands by playing for less money.the sound guy got cut,coz business was so slow.but he also will help out for a bar tab sometimes,just so like the singer wont sound like a hitler speech.it's cool to work with bands that know thier shit.i had to work with alot of punk bands,and i dont miss 2 hour soundchecks and tube amps with better stickers than sound.seeing real proffessional musicians that actually make a living playing is a treat.music is an art form,and its sad to see artists get taken advantage of,especially in a symbiotic relationship like in clubs.when a bad band stinks up the joint,people have a bad time and dont even know why.it's like the bands sound runs the mood for the night.even though i just do security and help set up and cook and clean,i still feel like an integral part of the operation.plus i made a couple of hundred bucks,which i gave to my girl so she could get a new crib for my baby ray ray,who i got to watch this morning-which is why i got up so early,so i could catch up on my art before childcare and shit.plus i kicked out a sign for taco night-i'm the house artist,and do posters for all the bands.it was a real groovy festival of booze and music,and we all made several hundred dollars(for a change-it's been really slow),and it wasnt a plastic hassle.well,this is the end of my realistic blog.i'll be back making up dumb shit to start arguments next week.right now i got to produce art before the day starts.later.

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