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freedom of speech is more than just a tune by ice t.its what makes our shitty country slightly cool,and it is constantly under attack.thats why it constantly needs to be tested,by me.it doesnt get as much attention as other laws,and thats some fucked up shit.zines were a product of free speech laws that were established by hippies in the sixties.also,dollar bill picture motherfuckers wrote that shit into the constitution.plus,its the reason wymyn fought hard in the 70's for the right to not wear bra's and wear cool miniskirts.freedom of speech is a right,like sodomy or abortion.it shouldnt be surpressed or ruined by anybody-not even sexy lesbians.surpressing unpopular viewpoints is nazi germany george bush republican action,not punk roc in the leastest.i mean,i personally dont like to hear a lot of peoples viewpoints,but i tolerate it,because first off i realize, everybody has a right to say whatever they want.like,i would like it if all those tea party 90 year olds would die,or at least shut the fuck up,but,thats not my right.thats why they also cant stop me from playing the angry samoans,or any of the other amazing revolutionary anarchist things i do,like smoking.so it stands to reason when someone purporting to be counterculture starts telling me not to talk,my reaction is immediate.abbie hoffmann said freedom of speech gives you the right to yell "theater" in a crowded fire.believe me,if somebody's a nazi or a racist homophobe,or a tea partyer,or even something worse,like a mormon,i want to know about it.i want them to yell it from the rooftops.otherwise,i wont know who to hate.the community doesnt just consist of smart people.when everybody thinks alike,it alienates alot of potential allies.why should others remain silent about their opinions,just because its not trendy?that infighting is what keeps us all apart.if your against opression,sexism and hatred,but you swear too much,or are scary ugly,then your shut out by the popular,moire socially acclimated people.those are the very people that should be listening to the thug dumbasses like me.then we could share notes,and maybe both learn something.instead,people are stuck up.like alot of zine types are too wimpy to talk to gangbangers,but they are a potent street level political force.if protest organizers could tap into gangs,they could make inroads into forms of social anarchy that could actually lead to some changes.instead,its all divided into sub groups of non communicating people-which is exactly what the rich assholes of the world want.open your mind,before we all end up with no freedom at all,because if that happens,there wont be any cool bands at all-just good charlotte.and everybody hates good charlotte.

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Comment by James N. Dawson on March 23, 2011 at 6:33am
You're welcome.
Comment by bobby madness on March 23, 2011 at 5:02am
thanks so much for your stupid fucking comment
Comment by James N. Dawson on March 17, 2011 at 5:07pm

I think I get your general message, but it seems a little confused.


Yes, there's a lot of "underground/sub-cultural" snobbery and small-mindedness, in fact it seems to be the overwhelming mindset in the new zine scene.  But it's not so much a matter of free speech, it's a refusal to engage in fair and honest dialogue about issues.  It's not just here on WMZ, but all over the "zine world".  IT SOOOO PREDICTABLE, AND BOOOOOORING!  I've connected with a small handful of people I think I can have interesting and fruitful discussions with, mainly via "snail mail" and APA's, but I doubt it's ever going to be a mass phenomenon.


If the problem is a lack of fair and honest dialogue between diverse factions----though maybe you didn't mean to say it was----I'm not sure if I'd know how or want to try to have a discussion with you, as your "emotionalism" is just as much a drag to deal with as the riot grrrls et al on this site.  Further, the ideological/moral-intuitive chasm that seperates us from the leftoids is probably just too vast to bridge.


The zinesters who want to foster a dialogue and preserve a wide range of styles and views are vastly outnumbered by those with their own narrow agendas.  As I tried to hint at in the Forum with my questions about libraries, only the "right-thinking" zines are welcomed, and the the "wrong-thinking" or "boring" ones are routinely rejected, or at best, let in on a case-by-case basis, more out of a token gesture of support for "freedom of expression".


I and a handful of others have been trying to re-build an open mutual-support network to connect independent-thinking zinesters, but so far there hasn't been a lot of interest.  Order my .Zap!!omania and Junk Zine if you're really serious about what you rant about.  You're not going to get far here.  Our faction's never going to be in the majority, but if we don't each do better in putting in our 2 cents worth, we're dinosaurs in the tar pit.


P.S.---I wouldn't mind seeing a zine written by a Mormon, a Tea Partier, or a Nazi, and if I thought it was worth the time, maybe write them a LOC (letter of comment). 


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