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when i first punked out,i had a hard time fitting in at shows.i didnt have any money for cool threads,or dope or import records or anything.i couldnt get in unless i crashed the door.it seemed like punks were all a bunch of rock stars or something.the first time i saw sniffin glue,i thought it was cool,especially because it was so crappy and funny.i always thought art and punk had a strong connection,and that sniffin glue really brought it together.stop! was a local free paper that was around,and it had comics in it,and i used to love that mag.it had bosko comics in it by the ramones artist,who was my idol.this forged the comic book punk rock connection in my mind.the misfits were pretty big then too.also,i thought punk rock itself was pretty comic book oriented-it was unrealistic,its politics simple,even nonsensical-life itself seemed like a comic book,and punk rock personified this.ive never had any money to contribute,so i thought giving my art to the scene was all i could do,really.that and helping bands load and unload their shit.plus i was on probation for doing graffitti,so that avenue was closed to me.i decided i wanted to make zines-that seemed like a way i could apply my talent that would be beneficial to all partys involved.woah-that la confidential is killer weed!anyways,every once in a while youd see some cat handing out zines at shows,and you could trade them.it was cool.i met aaron that way,out in berkeley.it was great because i could actually meet the person putting out the mag,and plug thier shit if it was good,and they could put my shit in thier mag.punk really passed me by quick,though-mostly through either conservative skinheads and thier stupidity and violence,or my own friends doing drugs like heroin and downers and shit.this just made me get into zines more,as it became a constructive outlet to expel the negativity and cruelty i see around me.with factsheet five and mrr as an adress/hookup spot,it seemed like zines were a homemade network of poetry,writers and artists that were changing the face of print.that was a long time ago though,and now there are a million different zines worldwide.its cool to see how much shit is out there-id rather read a crappy zine than a great issue of the new yorker anyday.its a bummer though to see how many fakers have appointed themselves as zine police.but thats all part of it,i guess-its all inclusive,and that includes finger pointing pc nerds-of which there are alot.even computers havent ruined zines-theyre still funny,or cool,or lame,or whatever,depending on which ones you get.anyways,thats why i make zines-its a form of expression i dig.

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Comment by kami on March 3, 2011 at 9:39pm
yep.  as an old fart zinester i can dig that... when did the fun go out of zine making?
Comment by Nielzine on March 2, 2011 at 11:16am
Thats the feel i try to shoot for. The feel of what ya get is what ya get. Jump on board or not. "Homemade network of poetry, writers and artist" as you say. Flaws and all. Thats the Zine i grew up with in the 80's. All based on trade back then it seemed. A beer, a tab, sandwich, even a pen for christ sake. Your story brought me back. I do like the network here. Met some cool folks. The trade scene is great. I do see alot of the Zine police. Not sure where that comes from. I see nothing to police. A Zine is ones self, no other. The rules of the trade is  to be legit. Trust and getting burned is life. ha. Liked your tunnel story as well. Great writing. Do you have any  of  your older Zines laying around? Would dig a submit from you for my Zine. Take is sleazy, Nielzine


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