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There's this big book on zines at the Library (Powell's),and it's got all the cover's of all these zines from,like,1910 and shit,with stupid description's written next to them.It's a pretty awesome book though,mostly because it has pictures of all the cover's of Sniffin' Glue.That's probably the first zine ever,really.That and PUNK,with all the John Holstrom art and shit.It's pretty extensive,with some 70's zines,like sci-fi zines and shit like you used to get at comic convention's back then.Fanzines,you know-made by fan's,duh.Unfortunately,though,theres no mention of early 60's zines like HELP,and the MAD inspired stuff,with Pro Junior in it-the Harvey Kurtzman-esque shit that inspired the 60's underground humor mag's.When Sniffin' Glue came out,it was pretty hard to find-like,you might see a copy at some junkies house,or find one in the gutter,but it's not like it was in the Record Store on St.Mark's.PUNK Magazine was one of those mag's that was too well done to be underground,but was anyway's because of content,or fate.Some would argue that without at least some desperation,it's hard to really put any soul,or even interesting content into art.It's easy to find passionless,self serving art,writing,or music.It's vapid,and doesn't stand up to the rigor's of time.It's a shadow of real art-it's the band's fourth album.It provokes no thought-the malaise and boredom that comes with satisfaction is reflected in the uninspiring content.For me,doing zines isn't so much a reflection of my surrounding's and experiences as a triumph over them.It's not like I'm saying,"Hey,I've done this shit,check it out!"-I'm more like saying,"Hey,I've done this shit,and then actually put out a comic in the middle of it."Although it's probably a shitty comic,and will only sell 50 copies,at least it's realistic,and drawn good.Then,hopefully,I can put in some material about people that aren't usually exposed to being the subject of a comic-you know,cool wierd or normal people.That's why when I see horribly shitty Art,just total garbage,I feel obligated to tell the world how much it suck's-it's assaulting my eyes with it's sheer lameness.Vanilla,middle of the road ego-stroking bullshit,manga fan art,and bad sketches of,fuck,i don't know,dirty laundry or pussy willows in the snow in Wisconsin or some shit-that crap's got to go.I just can't stand seeing it in the same paragraph with something cool.It's like a graffiti tag on a Van Gogh painting or something-it's aggravating in it's lack of expression,it's waste of a message,it's sheer self serving,art school dullness reflecting a casual sense of priveledge and lassaiz-faire that beg's for energy,perhap's even arson.But,that's just my opinion-some people might like coffee table zines that match the sofa.I personally think it's amental rim-job though,to not at least fuck up the status quo somehow.You owe it to all our forebears who put out the great zines in the past,to show them they didn't waste thier time by taking risk's and losing money putting out cool shit.

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Comment by bobby madness on November 9, 2012 at 6:28pm

you know,actually your art that you have on your site look's really awesome.why put it up on a janky website with that other wierd shit?art that good could be used to further many causes-sandwiching it in with total garbage is a strategy i don't understand,but,you know,i'm pretty out of touch.

Comment by bobby madness on November 8, 2012 at 9:13pm

Fuck,I was supposed to keep telling myself something....Shit,now i'll never make it look like I have 4 comments....or-will I?

Comment by bobby madness on November 8, 2012 at 9:00am

I'll tell you one thing,and then I'll quit-My zines are available from Teenage Dinosaur distributing,and for $5.00 apiece at Reading Frenzy,Floating World Comic's,and most other Zine Stores and book shop's.Furthermore,they are available from Last Gasp and the PORK Store online.If you can't buy them in your area,check out this site for further details.Thank you,young person.

Comment by Zelda on November 7, 2012 at 8:27pm

Keep telling yourself that. Just tell yourself that next time you decide to write another pointless rant. Publish that in your next zine. Seeya!


Comment by bobby madness on November 7, 2012 at 1:46am

I hope your right-especially the part about ruining it.The whole site was filled with disgusting sexist garbage.Katy Perry fan art,Manga,and soft kiddie porn.It makes me puke when I think that I was led there by reading on a site that had "Zine" in it's title.It was pure garbage.The artistic equivelant of a Big Mac.Still,everyones entitled to thier own opinion-it's just that mine is right.

Comment by Zelda on November 6, 2012 at 9:27pm

Excuse me, I happen to have a deviantART, and while a lot of it is crap, it's people like you, the ones who can't accept crap and move on, who ruin it. Sorry to rain on your self-pity party you're trying to mask as standing up for good art.


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