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I was watching Taxi Driver the other day-I seen that flick more times than John Hinkley Jr.-and it really made me miss the Lower East Side.Martin Scorcese filmed that over on 10th street,by 3rd Avenue.Harvey Kietel look's like he's about 21 in it.That flick,to me,is punk as fuck.That's just my opinion,but I swear it was the first mohawk.Punk is definitely a matter of opinion.What some people might think is punk,other's might think is just bullshit.You can't really define it.Afro punk was a cool flick,because it showed how racist punk is.Of course anyone with a brain will eventually figure out that defining yourself through clothing,tattoo's,music,etc.,can only go so far.We're still trapped in this mortal coil.Punk is different for everyone,but examining the root's of the movement makes it clear-it's not about being intelligent,or planning,or roundtable discussion's,or anything.To some folk's,CRASS is the pinultimate punk music.To me,it's hippy hairball shit.Amebix might rock your box-I don't know,or care.But one thing I do know-punk question's accepted belief's.It's a reaction.And it's primarily white,for better or worse.There's alot of different nationalities that make great punk rock,and theres alot of women that destroy on every level,but it is from England to begin with,and made by white people.All that has changed over the years,and thankfully punk rock is a better representation of reality now,but mostly,it's white.It doesn't really matter-most punk's,hopefully,are intelligent enough to realize that if your cool,and punk rock,it doesn't matter if your white,black,red,green,blue,disabled,gay,straight,or whatever.That's why it's sick to see people try to make punk's ashamed for being white.If skin color mean's nothing,than what does it matter?To be ashamed of who you are,or trying to make someone feel ashamed for who they are,is a sad way to score point's with your target audience.At best,it's a reaction to some percieved or actual slight or grevious injustice done to you as a person-but I think taking revenge on some punker who just happen's to be white to get back at some rich white asshole who deserves it,is bullshit.Your being racist-plus,it's outdated.Like everyone else,we're stuck with our skin color,and punk offer's us white boy's a place to be our fucked up selves,right along with the rest of humanity.Now,I can understand how some Vans Warped Tour knucklehead's or some Rockstar attitude punk's would make anyone have a gut level reaction to kill all human's.But it's disturbing to me to see people branding people as assholes because of thier skin color or sex-and that includes white males,who are people too.And that's the real deal-people suck,in general.That anti white male shit is junior league generalizing,and fake as fuck.It's like calling the Ramones corporate rock-it's a short sited,not very well thought out load of shit.You look at serious punk,from Bad Brains to X-RaySpex,to the Slit's,and you'll see it's alway's been gender blind.You ought to fight the real power and stop dissing your brother's-they might help you out when the shit really hit's the fan.Maybe your just hanging out with the wrong punk's.

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