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Alot of times,when people go to write a zine'they're faced with a blank.A lack of subject matter.You want to say something important,or at least worth reading.You want to say something that will be deep,that people will relate to.You want it to be like that person who wrote that zine you wish you could have written,yet mask it somehow so you don't get caught.You could write it about a show,except they all we're pretty by the book.You could exxagerate it,but that won't work.What depth's are you willing to sink to to write a good zine/journal/article thing?There's a million zines out there.What is it that will separate your's from the pack?Give it that zing,that wow,that X-factor,that certain je'nais se qua' that will make cool people say "Fuck,man,this zine rock's!".If that happen's you could be a famous zinester overnight,be instantly popular,maybe make 11,12,or even 13 buck's.I personally have not only gone to show's for material,but have broken into bar's and club's to see the band's one on one.I've driven my head into wall's repeatedly on several occasion's,simply to get something decent to write about in a zine.Just be like,hey,this would be an okay article for a zine,but it would be a GREAT article if i punched that skinhead in the face.You might get killed',but if it would make a zine more interesting,i would do it.Sometimes,if i'm with some junkies or something,and they're shooting up strange designer drug's in an alley,i've thought too myself,"This is highly uncool...but hey,i've got a zine to put out,and i need material-shove over!Here's a vien!".I've succesfully pulled off seious felonies,and then for no reason kicked a cop in the knee (case #34051rs).Why?Why didn't i hide as the siren's approached?Because i'm a famous zine writer,not some college kid printing up 10 copies of his skate diary to get laid.It's got to have impact,something to set it apart from the boring droll pablum devoted to knitting,cat's,gardening and psychotherapy.Travel,poverty,hostility,human suffering,and wierd music-to name just a few-are the making's of interesting artistic prose.I actually had a child,just so i could write about it in a zine.It's hard to figure out how to go to a copy shop,or remember a password when your drunk.You can't squander a golden opportunity to be one of the 1027 review paragraph's in the back of some obscure publication from Norway.You have to seize life by the ball's,and only then can you have a story to be ignored.That's what real zine writing is almost about. 

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Comment by Buddy Hershey on March 20, 2012 at 12:07pm

bobby, lets put out a vegan cookbook instead.          ha

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