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What I'm envisioning is this:

A zine in which I explore everything that I think when it comes to my body and my sexuality. From examining all the corners and digging up the dirt, and searching out those nooks and crannies I intend on creating on honest look at myself.

The Challenge? I would love to integrate other persons experiences, but I'm not sure how that would work out. Primarily because I want to do justice to each topic and not just glance over it.

Things to include off the top of my mind:

-How I look, how I see myself, the truth versus how I feel, how I think others feel etc.


Another type of project I want to work on is exploring the history, meaning, problems, obsession, distribution, etc. of yaoi. Yaoi if you don't know is Japanese older teen/adult oriented gay anime/manga. Though it's not primarily meant for gay readers. Most of it is written and read by women. Actual gay manga written by men for men is called bara. As you might have guessed there are lots of problems with yaoi (the biggest issues is rape, transphobia, misogyny) and as an avid reader for years I feel I must be realistic. Part of this will include addressing these issues and actively moving away from the vast majority of all the yaoi that includes these elements and being fearless when confronting these issues. (In the yaoi community it is not acceptable to talk about yaoi in any type of critical way and frankly I can't put up with it anymore.) Thankfully there are plenty of mangaka's that have full and rich stories without having to utilize these horrible plotlines.

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Comment by Kirsty Win on August 16, 2011 at 10:06pm

They both sound really interesting and I'm a bit of a yaoi fan myself. I'd be keen on trading/buying copies of both zines when you've finished them.



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