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What Folks Are Saying About Mistaken for Straight

I've been getting positive feedback about Mistaken for Straight. It's really gratifying when people say nice things about my writing and zines.

This is what my friend Dixie (an awesome cool poet, witch, teacher, mentor, and all around rad woman) wrote to me in an email:

I really like your new 'zine. I think it is one of your very strongest and best thus far. I was impressed by your courage and by the amount of objectivity you displayed in describing your experiences. I thought you balanced it well between personal experience and things like book reviews. On a more personal level, it was satisfying to get more information about the complex being that is my friend Chantel without having to be nosy and ask possibly annoying or presumptuous questions. The description of your experience with a man and a woman was hot! But best of all, I liked what, for me, was the overarching 'message' of the 'zine, which seemed to be about just getting over one's stereotypes about gender and preferences and being yourself, and accepting others as they are. Very good!

This is the review of Mistaken for Straight that Amber of Culture Slut and Fight Boredom zines wrote on her blog (http://www.hello-amber.blogspot.com/):

This zine's title caught my attention immediately (as someone who is often mistaken for straight), so I recently initiated a trade with Chantel. In the intro, she describes herself as, "a poet, a zine maker, a teacher, a photographer, an avid reader, a dumpster diver, a bookbinder. I have tattoos, hairy legs and armpits, and I'm fatter than our society says I should be. I'm working class poor, and I live in a trailer." With this background info, she tells us about a threesome she partook in back in 1994 and her subsequent feelings of confusion and curiousity. This inspired her to read many books on bisexuality (which she includes reviews of), although she later dropped that term and began to claim queer instead. Chantel includes many coming stories and writes at great length about her reasons for dropping the 'bisexual' label (having to do with being attracted to individuals as opposed to genders, and acknowledging the gender spectrum, et cetera). It's an excellent zine and seems to have had good timing in arriving in my mailbox.

I truly appreciate the kind words!

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Comment by Erin H on June 23, 2009 at 3:36pm
Ahh, this looks so good. I second Bri's question.
Comment by Bri Zine on June 23, 2009 at 2:19pm
how can i get a copy? i was just reading amber's review before checking the blogs here and seeing your post :)
Comment by Amazing Sunflower on June 23, 2009 at 11:36am
I didn't even catch your hot typo! That's pretty funny, as I don't think there is a single "coming" story in the whole zine. Sigh.

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