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I would think that there are some huge problems in the world today.Income inequality, for starters.Treating people like shit, is another one. Huge corporations destroying the environment is a major problem. Theres limited means at our disposal to stop these things, but we can slow them down. Getting involved, and even voting, as lame as that sounds, is a good start. Personally slowing down our own rate of blind consumerism helps. Reducing contributions to capitalist bullshit companies, and questioning why theres such a disconnect between pig politicians and working class humans.In my opinion, these are issues zines and people should be tackling, if not at least giving an occasional nod to. Racist right wing fuckheads in the government, like the Tea Party and the christian bastards who are chipping away at our rights- they must be destroyed. These people have no right to exist in this world. Denying medical treatment, and birth control to the poor-this is oppression, and the perpetrators should be destroyed. The current crop of evil right wing legislation could be the last gasps of a dying trend-or a backlash resurgence, depending upon our level of involvement. Anti immigration laws must be exposed for the racist bullshit they are. If the Christian Right can't tolerate freedom of expression or freedom of sexual orientation, they should be shot dead in the streets. People blocking access to abortion clinics deserve to be killed-there's no argueing with terrorists. Since this isn't legal, then we have to speak at the voting booth, or in the media, or clandestinely unload clips using the oppressive christian scum for target practice. When politicians steal our food stamps, and give tax breaks to Boeing instead- it's time for them to be killed and beheaded-through voting. And any other means at our disposal. Actually,thats probably not the best idea. But my point is, theres so many huge problems facing the progressive world- we're under attack on a daily basis- that dividing ourselves for personal gain, or grudges, or spite will just strengthen conservatives that much more. Not to mention the fact that if you really want to change peoples attitudes, you need to treat them like human beings- just calling them scum isn't going to get anybody anywhere. Coming forward and saying "I'm against abuse" to a room full of feminists doesn't do much. Most zine people are against abuse! Helping them properly identify more subtle forms of abuse,or changing the culture as a whole means something.It's food for thought,anyways.

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