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Vt. blog Bibliography Redux;retro hetro in the metro

most people who read this blog are probably wondering why i would use a site about zines to tell a completely boring unrelated story,that doesnt even belong here.well,first off,it is related to zines,because for me that was the situation of early exposure to actual making of art and zines.but also,its an interesting experience that was slightly cool and unique in the fact that it happened a long time ago and in a forieghn country,so not everybody has experienced it.therefore its probably good zine fodder.i wouldnt put something boring everybody's done in a zine(like a greyhound story).nobody would care.paper is scarce-theres a lot of zines out there.i want mine to stand out.then it will keep getting published.otherwise,it'll be just like every other zine and lay dormant.im not saying im selling a product-but i am selling it to everyones eyeballs,otherwise why would i do it?yeah,for my own enjoyment,sure,but i dont want to die in a hotel room alone with 500 pages of the best unpublished zine(even though alot of people would be happy with that).so,i was brutally honest,paraphrased and attempted to make the vermont story palpable and entertaining,hopefully to publish in comic form,since id never do a zine on the internet,because that would be stupid.but,for real,by the time you go all the way through writing,printing,and distributing a zine,you should at least have something to say.i'm not putting down anyone elses efforts-zines are a million things to hundreds of different people.im just saying my (great) zines have to at least say SOMETHING.at least they have to have an hour or two(or four)of work into each page.otherwise it wouldnt make sense printing it up to show people.like,for instance on the internet im usually a psychotic unknown moron who says dumb shit,so people probably think im schizo and would never talk to me in public(thank god).but in reality,im not really that wierd.but im talking to alot of people i dont know-why would i discuss watering my plants,or feeding my cat?it would be better to recount some experiences that other people may not have had,so thier not bored to shit.to do otherwise would be to crap on the groundwork all the previous artists had laid.why would i sell out the past?ignore the tradition of not being boring like everything else?that wouldnt be worth printing up.zines go back to kurtzman's punch magazine,college humor,and tread the line between dada and sculpture.as sucky as my zines are,i want to make sure theyre better than everybody elses.peace out to swatch and kika,the safari sisters,and also a big high school shout out to mad money mike and my homies in southeast.keep your eye on this spot for free advice on how to lose money on zines.im glad we spent this time together,and i think im really making some progress,so,ill keep you up[dated on the stats and have those reports in the morning.


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