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there was a good side,and a bad side to vermont.the good side was the hippy dope growers and local artists who helped me out.the bad side was me.i was really negative,always bitching and spouting meaningless anti government rhetoric.my girlfriend was a high-maintenence rich girl with mental problems.we fought alot,and stole weed.we never worked,and fucked constantly.during the pot harvest we had encouraged gun fights.a car got blown up,and when everybody ran down to see it,the dope got ripped off.plus the locals hated us.once you stay for the winter there,the locals try to hate you out.for every cool artist theres ten redneck christians with steven king accents.alot of the people i knew up there were ex weathermen or old school 60's revolutionarys.i would lecture them about thier lack of commitment to the revolution,even though i was only 16.while staying at thier house and eating all thier food.i had brought a bad vibe from new york with me,and it had stuck.plus,it was boring.everything was boring then.boredom was the enemy-and we had lost the battle.the gallery was getting slower and slower.the landlords kilt shop had failed.he was drunk.he pulled a gun on the sheriff who came to repossess his stock.the pipes burst in the basement,sending shit everywhere.matt,klaus partner,missed his girl,missed the city.apparently dead animal art was big there right now.he was missing out on the scene!the gallery was going down the tubes.klaus thought he could buy the building.there were 4 abandoned floors,but 1 was inhabitable.matt decided to move,and klaus was going to keep the gallery(which me and charly lived behind).matt decided to have one big huge going away party.he wanted to do it now,before the landlord decided to show the building off to potential buyers.it was a huge party,and there were kegs and a bunch of people came from everywhere to be there.i had my friend mail me up some lsd from ny just for the occasion.well,somebody found a bunch of paint in the next room,and it degenerated into a paint party.that turned into a paint fight,which turned into a fight fight.pretty soon,it was a building wrecking party.somebody got thrown down the stairs after being painted blue/green,and then the cops showed up.they busted everybody,except,of course,matt,who jetted and got away.the damage was estimated at 25,ooo dollars.the investors showed up and just offered the poor drunk scotsman enough to flee the country.the building was wrecked,looted,graffitti'd,destroyed.the enemy boredom was now defeated.unfortunately,we were all evicted,literally leaving all those who helped us out fucked,especially the poor landlord,crying on a pile of rubble,cursing matt in a thick scottish accent.charly,dressed in her signature neckscarf and mini skirt,with her red spiked hair,blamed me for our homelessness.i punched her out.

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