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we got back to the city with 2 grand each and a couple pounds.i wanted to chill out with some hookers but forrest wouldnt let me.we got a couple bundles,and sat around shooting up at my friend bobby's pad on 2nd.i was disillusioned with new york.i liked hanging out with the transvestites at the disco donut,but i was not into the scene anymore.the bands i dug,they were gone-television,the voidoids,etc.,had broke up or sold out.i was 2 tone now,but hanging out at cb's was lame.nazi skins was always bustin my chops.the squat looked like shit.all my druggy friends were all greedy now.i took the last of my money and bought a ticket to san francisco.i was 15,so people were nice enough to feed me and stuff.when i got back i grabbed my girlfriend and went up to vermont.klaus had rented out a huge art gallery by then.it was in a sort of abandoned building,a 4 story number on main street.the landlord was a drunken scotsman,and he didnt give a fuck.he had a failing watch repair/custom kilt shop downstairs,but the whole rest of the building was empty,except for the art gallery.there was also matt,who illegally lived there,and co-ran the gallery.it was january though,so it was fucking freezing.lost in spaceheater.my girlfriend,charly,she was okay with it,barely.i hit up the woman i helped harvest,and she gave me a bunch of leftover shake,so i could stay stoned.i set up a door as a desk and started drawing a comic.i had the space heater under the desk,so at least my feet were warm.i could see across the river to nude hampster.being up there all alone was really uplifting to me.i could deal with my own problems,and recognize the ones other people were putting on me.charly wanted to be back in france,or new york.i had jumped bail though,and i was on probation for doing graffitti.i couldnt go back-i had warrants out-felony warrants.i was "on the lam".but in verde monte nobody cared.even though it was 1980,there were people up there who were still dodging the draft from the vietnam war!plus,just taking care of myself,and not hanging out with so many prostitutes,was positive and my art was getting better.when i was in ny i was trying to decide where to go to school.i was accepted at cooper union,and pratt,but i didnt really dig what i saw there.i had already sold some work,so i thought about it,and decided i could probably learn just as much on my own.of course,i realize now how wrong i was.but i cranked out 2 issues of anarcomix,and did a show up there at the gallery.klaus hired me to watch the gallery at a cut rate,so i had some money.it was cold,but really fun,and i drew about 8 hours a day every day i was up there.we didnt have a heated shower though,so every once and a while we'd have to jump in the creek really fast to get clean.there was a ballroom upstairs that was abandoned,a ww2 ballroom.there were ghosts in it.the building would sway when the train went by.matt decided to have a big party for his art opening.he made art out of dead animals.we played the rezillo's alot.he was from cali.

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