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updates: Hopelessly Romantic Zine / Jenna Appleseed is currently...

(slight edits, btw not posted at 9:30 pm it's 5:43 in the morining here - uk BST)

 a) catching up on pending zine trades, I should get them in the post this week.

Got zines dug out of the box ready (had hassle putting everything back again), found charity/activist flyers etc (& a lost pack of stickers & badges). Need to get /trade for some zine/distro/more radical type activism ones etc. flyers & need some American/non-British ones. 

Managed to get flyers photocopied down the library (I'll be fucked if they close, now my printer/scanners part borked, unless I can get a decent cheap all-in-one replacement - theirs is the only hands on photocopier in town now.) + some photocopy fuckery experimenting w/ settings and how some layouts'll look copied.

need to shrink one to fit the page margins - forgot to do that arrgh). 

Did some photoshop fuckery (well PSP) earlier, experimenting with splitting channels for b/w conversion + photocopy filter & resizing photos to print larger. Got a good fake grain effect out of one that was pixellised, 

and a perfect picture of Joe looking like a right seedy hack (or a gangster - if there's any difference '-)  ) 

Did the "Vacuum cleaner sucks up budgie" line really come from The News Of The World?


c) cut up zine flyers with my rotary cutting thing - it actually works for a change.

taken more photos, can't upload them yet as it involve sd card swappery and editing.

b) Decided I'm going to have to completely redo several pages of finished layout - used too many different fonts.

c) confused about riots 

wondering if I should ditch/heavily rework some existing articles/artwork or at least add foot/endnotes/massive disclaimers or updates.

Def gonna change the name but not sure if I'll do it for next issue or  for the first one with freshly written content.

(eta: need to make it really clear where I stand, going after the wrong targets /& harming your own is not on) 


d) Been messing around with Lego & Doctor Who mini-figures, (currently head swapping a punk, Dalek and Cyberman). Considering doing a photocomic type thing with speech bubbles of the "repression...gonna be a dalek" bits of Complete Control & Daleks' 'answering' "...I am a robot...I obey". (There's a good free - iirc - version of the old spikey Dalek comic font out there somewhere - if I can find it again.

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