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When I read about people critisizing punk rock, I think it sounds pretty unfair. I'm too old to be a punk rocker now, but I still do comics for punks, and know a few punks. A lot of the people you read talking shit about how stupid punk rockers are, they have college degrees and shit. That's not really fair for somebody that's all edumuhcated to pick on people that are stupid like me. I just got my G.E.D, and it was really hard! I've only been using a computer for like 5 years. I don't want anybody to feel sorry for me, but after being homeless for 6 years, getting high and freezing, it's hard when somebody puts down your people for stupid reasons. A lot of the punks I met, they had some real problems- mental problems, attitude problems. Some of them were really broke, and had really been through some weird shit. I mean, I would imagine someone who comes from college, with their shit together enough to have a room to live in, probably would look at the punks and think we're a bunch of stupid dicks. Zines and punks have changed over the years, and there's definitely a lot of people involved who have a much better head on their shoulders than the average hopped up street punk. At the same time though, I don't think its cool to condemn people for being who they are. Most people,whether rich or poor, the simple fact that they became a punk rocker says that they are not going to put up with the bullshit. They shouldn't have to hear that same bullshit from other punks. Young fuckers coming up, they might have some attitudes or ways of talking that might come off racist or sexist or just plain fucked up to someone who was raised in a more respectful household, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be allowed space to chill within the scene. A lot of cats, maybe they did some jail time, or got their ass kicked a lot, or something. Maybe their coming from a poverty stricken or abusive background, so they cant spell too well or use a computer as good as somebody smarter. That doesn't mean they should be hated out of the zine fest because their acting the way that worked for them. I really wonder where the fuck this scene is going, with a bunch of haters dissing everybody in sight that doesn't fit. It should be more about getting together and shit like that. Some people cant help it if they didn't have the advantages in life everybody else did- we got to figure out which ones are cool anyways and up the punx! 

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