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you know,zines and zine culture is so smug,self righteous and supportive and self congratulatory,to be honest,half the people out there whose zines i read,i want to stab them in the face.theres such a sickening double standard,and lack of passion and awareness-its fucking pathetic,really,and it shits on an artistic legacy-a shitty one,but nonetheless.it(zine culture)claims to be so open,and acts accordingly,but in reality,its been bought out by preppie chumps.one thing that really makes me puke is all the exxagerated(lies)claims of abuse made in every fucking zine on the punk planet.hey-abuse is wrong,and no one should endure it.but its not a badge of honor to be whipped out for personal gain in this forum-thats weak,and highly detrimental,transparent and stupid.getting abused is brought up in zines about-well,250 times a day.always by females.if a woman is abused,everybody goes all out being outraged-its beyond not tolerated-its hunted down and killed,as the abuser is branded for life,especially if the victem is hot or in a band.its bullshit-its exploitation and manipulation at its worst.if a male is abused,nobody gives a fuck.theres no zines,no testimonials.if hes gay he might be able to get someone to pretend they care for a minute,and look at the floor,and go"thats fucked up,man",but really,theres no big deal about it like with women.theres no witch hunt,no cancellation of gigs.and if your hetero,thats just tough shit-your just a guy that got his/her ass kicked.cant leech drama off that.when all these people lie about being abused,it makes it so if you really were abused,you cant speak up,ESPECIALLY not in zines;that turf has been commandeered by powerful backstabbing gossip people who know people-not just any swinging dick can just say they've been abused.its like rape-some guy gets locked up,and half the feminazis you know are making bufu jokes.men might suck-well,okay,they DO suck-but were stuck here too,and zine people should be more accepting.when i was younger,my mom and dad beat the shit out of each other.my mom used to holler for me to help her-and i tried.later on i got molested like a motherfucker-fucked up the ass when i was 8.i turned tricks for years-till i was 15.then i was old enough to fight men off,and i violently destroyed several,just to get revenge.its a story i wish i could tell,just to get it off my chest,but i cant in the "zine scene"..why?because some girl who wants to push her zine has to make fake"verbal abuse"claims 6 years ago,or some other fake shit,just to get a bigger market share.how could i allow what happened to me to be in the same vein as that?it would be disrespectful to those that really suffer.and then when you consider I was actually pretty lucky?i mean,what about kids in india and shit,getting thier legs cut off so they can beg better?cliterectomy victems in africa?and you fucking assholes bring your fake shit up?wigga,please.thats why zines suck,and its fucking lame as hell-not like my zine.which is great.buy it.its coming out in a month.

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