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Man,i could not go to the portland zine fest.no way,i just couldn't.I just would have gotten pissed off at all the stuck upedness,and people being wierd and not talking to me and shit.It's thier right to be a mean stuck up person,i guess,but i just would have bugged out and killed somebody.My friend's went to the one before this last one,and said everyone just treated them like dogshit.The wierd thing is,when i look at most of the shit that people are putting out,i just don't really understand what it is that makes them think that their shit is any more radical than all the actual cool shit out there.I look through the yearbook's and stuff,and it all seems pretty predictable.It looks like Rage Against The Machine sound;sure,radical,i guess-their heart's in the right place,but with no real talent,no mmph-no pizazz.Just,like theres not really enough effort or commitment to it,to really take it to the level that makes people think,and really question the status quo,as opposed to just becoming part of the ever-beourgening other status quo.Self publishing has a history that goes beyond Benjamin Franklin.Why waste a heritage of a form of mass communication by putting out something that look's like Cometbus,only if it was done by my 10 year old neice?And even if that's tolerable,why would someone use that as a reason to be a jerk to other people,and alienate them,driving them to other venue's to sell thier cool stuff?Because that's what happens when a bunch of like minded people decide to alienate other's that are different to make themselves feel better-it creates a culture vacuum that's all too evident in the zine publishing world.Alot of the writing and art that you see is just downright embearassing.Your doing yourself a disservice just by looking at it.I feel bad saying that,but it's true,and with all the eager artists out there that are broke and dying to get thier message out,that's a fucking crime.One more thing i would like to say is,i wonder what's up with straightedge people.I've been straight for 6 month's now (with the help of the Multnomah County Sheriff's Department),and,uh,i just don't get what the big deal is.I mean,it feel's aight,but i wouldn't write a song about it or anything.Why do people think it's so great they even came up with a name for it?I just don't understand.Well i guess it's those damn kid's with thier Lady Goo-Goo-consarn young-un's don't make no sense.

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Comment by bobby madness on August 21, 2012 at 10:02am

But I do really feel that way-Oh,wait-I get it!You were,like saying why don't you tell us how you really feel,because I actually DID say how I really feel only TOO MUCH!So,by saying that,your sort of like being SARCASTIC!That is soooo cool!If only I got more comment's like your's,laced with wit,brevity,and dare I say,insight into the plight of the common man,Betty,than I could die happy knowing the next generation has picked up the torch of the zine olympic's.Actually,though,my Primary Councilor told me it's actually healthy to discuss my emotion's,and not isolate.I'm truly sorry if I offended you (jesus fuck)

Comment by Betty on August 20, 2012 at 5:36pm

Why don't you tell us how you really feel? 


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