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alot of zinesters lately have been touting the awesomeness of the old fashioned letterpress lately.they have a few around people print handbills on for shows.ive seen them,and it really took me back.probably people seeking authentic type quality prints are drawn to these cheap,affordable machines.thats all well and good,but i think its essential that everybody knows to be really careful on those things.of course everyone is,so just disregard the rest of this page and have fun making prints!really,though,im old enough that i actually learned how to set type with a california job box,and have used numerous printing presses all through different programs and print shops,in ny,vermont,sf and beyond.on top of that,i worked at 3 book binderies out by the airport,including in the color room.plus i worked on the bigass ab dick motherfuckers at djc.and really theres only one thing i have to say-and that is watch your fucking fingers.everybody that has worked on these for more than 5 years has an injury story,if not an injury,usually a missing digit.honestly,i was told its really inevitable-the old timers,especially lefty,all told me that the combination of repetition and boredom leads to relaxation eventually.you cant help but get used to it,staring at the thing cranking out identicle images constantly.its more boring than this blog,almost.you start yanking out stuck paper or something.you get away with it a million times.i did anyways,and then one day i was really stoned and i was cleaning the roller thing and i hit the on switch with my hip by mistake.i turned to say hi to sherrie.the fucking thing turned on,and i dangle 1 workglove off the end of my hand so i can use the lighter with that hand-well it got sucked into like a 1/8"gap,and just popped my fingers on my left hand.there was all this gristle and meat and shit sticking out.sherrie hit the reverse,which stuck,so they had to take the machine apart to free me.a hippy chyck got her braid torn out of her head too on it i heard later.the engraving guy i know got his left hand sucked into one,and i heard it looked like the villian in the end of roger rabbit.those things are finger eating bastards.ill never get on one of those things again.itll happen soon,youll see.then on your way to emmanuel,ill be able to say i told you so.

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