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This Week's New Poems and Sayings 6/17

This Week's New Poems (and sayings).

Halfway up the stairs
a woodpecker's tap tap tap!


Weave me a life
wheel spinner fate.
Make it stout
and long lasting!


I line outside the colors!!!


Who is spying on us?
Is it he
who's not sleepy


The cubists were squares!

They think
all the world
like them
is newborn


(Effect of all the New Asteroid Discoveries in Astrology)

Every planet opens up
some new aspect of ourselves.
In these years we have found
thousands of new astral lands.
Look to the mirror of cosmic affairs
and expect as much development here.


in the cemetery.


Ants and the Leaning Tower of Pisa (first draft)

It was up to the ants
to correct the slant
of the Leaning Tower of Pisa

The leader called a meeting
time was fleeting
they huddled and reached an agreement

Down dug the first one
followed by a column
Then tunnels and a mound now heaping.

They dug and dug
and jacked it all up
till one side was cut like a "V"

Then grain by grain
they removed the sand
the last slower and slowly

till underneath
nothing was left
The tower no longer resisted.

Down came the jacks
from high up to flat
and with each click it shifted.

till the last ant left,
lowered the last jack
and the tower fell uprighted.

Under the shadow
of the vertical
now both true and straight,

the ants shuffled
their leader forward
to give a closing speech.

"Sometimes it's not
those from the top
who know only push and pull;

but those at the bottom
that resolve the problem.
THEY deserve the reward."

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