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I recently finished reading Charles Eisentstein's Sacred Economics .  It's a pretty in-depth look at how we might transition to a non-monetary society, and an examination of money-less societies of the past and how we got into the huge economic mess the world is in now. In keeping with the theme of the book,  you can read the whole thing for free online.

As zinesters, we know all about the gift economy and barter. For the last two years I have been giving away my paper, OBSOLETE! by sending it out to friends who distribute to their local independent businesses. Somehow I manage to make it happen without going completely broke.

Now, I've decided to give away ads, too. If you want a free ad for your zine in my paper, get in touch and I'll send you dimensions, etc.  If you can help out by dropping some copies around your town, that would be great, but not required.

I really think that this is where we need to be going as a culture.  Monetization of every bit of life is a losing game, and it just seems like a race to the bottom. I'm interested in how others feel about it. I don't know exactly how I can keep this "gift" model going, but I'm trying to just roll with it and see where it takes me (other than the poor house).

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Comment by snout on November 16, 2012 at 2:21pm

Thanks for posting this! I will definitely check that book out.

I have had very similar things on my mind, inspired by Mark Boyle's book The Moneyless Man. He talks about a freeconomy, but it's along the same lines of giving. I'm starting a skillshare group in my town and hoping for it to really take off in the next year. It is a shame for our society to allow money to create so many limits and so many restrictions on our lives. Building community, sharing with others, freely giving and receiving, these things could lead to immense happiness and freedom.

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