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The Evolving Ezines and What that Means - By Lance Winslow

An Ezine as you know is an electronic newsletter or magazine, which is sent out by email. Yet this standard definition of an electronic newsletter has changed and so too will the true definition of an Ezine in the future. How so you curiously ask?

Well, the reason I say this is because in 1995 we put our newsletters for my company online at our website, because well because not everyone was using email yet and the attachment thing was tricky on many email programs. Not all the software would be in sync.

Therefore at that time it was possible but not really feasible to send them out by email like it is today. I would say we were one of the first companies to really do this for our customers, employees and franchisees. Of course it was not an Ezine as the term was not really coined yet although some say it was being tossed around a little.

After seeing this incredible evolution and even watching the astronomical growth of online article submission sites, before RSS was popular, you can see how things have changed. And this leads me to speculate that they will change again in the future and thus the Ezine should have a definition, which allows it to evolve rather than lose out to a more advanced species in the future. That is what I am thinking.

As practitioners of the Ezine sub-sector we should not box ourselves in unless it serves the greater good and the forward progression of the article submission websites and its users and the supply chain of content. Additionally we must make sure it all fits the Ezine Publisher clients and hungry for information customers who subscribe. So, lets make Ezine the most broad definition allowing for the most possible future chess moves.

By Lance Winslow

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Comment by Lance Winslow on September 13, 2009 at 8:22pm
Is A Blog is Digital Cyber Blackboard?

Is a Blog a digital blackboard? Recently a member of the Online Think Tank stated this in a sentence explaining the use of Blogs in society and on the internet. But is his comment a legitimate one? After all no one can say that a digital blackboard is a blog? The word Blog seems to suggest "log" or a place where entries of thoughts are made, such as a journal or log book.

But is a Blog a Log? No, Is a Frog a Hog? Sam I am? In reality Blogs are nothing more than food for the masses. In fact the original word Blog comes from a Dr Seuss Book, where Blogs were trout food. So is the joke really on all the bloggers out there? In other words Blogs are only places designed for the masses to discharge all their sound and fury like a virtual peanut gallery?

If this is the case then it is pretty sad to think that all bloggers out there are putting all their words and thoughts into a virtual space for no reason. How ironic that all the bloggers fell for this and still they spend countless hours putting online their calendar categorized diatribes and monologues about things that really don't matter.

What is even more fun to consider is that other people actually come and read them. Are you a blogger? Don't you feel silly now that all this is really a joke and you fell for it? A reference;

Comment by Lance Winslow on September 13, 2009 at 8:17pm

This is a decent point. In fact, many Ezines are reproduced in blog formats. Most ezine articles are used on blogs and in e-mail newsletters. When we look at ezines, there generally is not a place for discussions like blogs, but if we look at paper published Trade Journals we see letters to the editor based on what was written. Now, Trade Journals online and Newspapers Online versions allow comments and interactivity just like blogs. So, there is a huge blur between categories, this is why I smiled when I read your comment! Thanks, I agree.
Comment by Mikelle DeAundre Street on September 13, 2009 at 5:19pm
... I'm still confused at why a blog is not an ezine? Is it because a blog is more organic than a zine? Like is it the difference between story telling and reading a story from a book?

PS what I mean by that is when you tell a story the story can change, you can make it adapt, but when you write it down, then it's permanent. There are no changes to be made.


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