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well,this blog,possibly one of the best blogs on wmz,has a new mission.after much speculation and thought,i've decided really that,after close examination of my self promotional,sick twisted and fucked up comics and zines,the time has come to take action against me.that is why i am proposing a boycott of my own zine.there are several reasons nobody should ever buy my zines.honestly not that many people buy them anyway.but thats not enough-no one,anywhere should ever buy any comics or zines i draw ever.why?where do i start.first off,their not even funny.the jokes and plots are recycled,possibly from family guy.theyre sexist and racist,and racistly sexy.plus,the artist is a total fucking freak loser who's too old to be doing this anyway.theyre negative too-and depict kitty cats in an un-positive light.they do nothing for the community.trees were killed to make them.grammatical errors pepper every paragraph-punctuation is pummeled.people like me should go get a g.e.d before we go a wading into zine world,my friend.plus,the artist is always stoned off his ass,possibly on vicodin,but definitely on marijuana.in short,i am totally un zine-ish.a piss poor representation of any culture,but especially one as vibrant and beautiful as ziney weenies.plus,theyre boring,with an average of maybe only 10 to 15 killings per issue.people who cared about the iraq war protested alot-but i didnt protest at all.i just sat on my fat ass drinking budwieser.is this the kind of person you want out there waving a zine around,in the middle of the street jerking off?i hope not.stop him-and me,from ever sullying your serious scene-a scene where the end justifies the zine.the zine community,or zine world if you will,has a long standing history,that goes from george washington printing factsheet 5 to dishwasher pete making fun of people with jobs.it would be a lowdown dirty shame with damon wayans if the brutish,half human stoned misanthrope known as bobby madness were to drag the whole zine scene through the mud,piss used condoms and needle filled trash with his fucked up disrespectful nonsense blather-cut me out of all society,including all subcultures too.otherwise it will only encourage me to draw more ducks.plus,im abusive-im always fighting and yelling at people.i hit my cat once when i was drunk because he knocked my dope in the toilet-an animal abuser.great.plus i was busted snorting pixy stix with kiki and na-na.and i was a male prostitute.the sleazeball publishers who profit from my drug inspired rampages are spending the profits on beer,too-i mean,probably a 40 ounce a year,but still-that beer could make them have a drunk driving accident and kill someone,possibly your grandmother.so,really,the choice is yours-buy my comic for 7 dollars from teenage dinosaur,last gasp or (name deleted),and kill your own grandmother-or,boycott any and all horrible madness zines,especially the new one,number four of real madness comics.




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