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Terrible Carpal Tunnel Pain Last Night

I'm not sure if this is the appropriate place to make a post like this, but i want to record it somewhere.  I had a similar experience a few years ago I recorded on eHealthforum.com, and was going to do it there, but apparently my last post dropped off their "archive", so I decided to do it here.  I've "whined" about it on Vegan Fitness Forum often enough, that I thought I'd better not bug them about it anymore.

Last night I had one of the worst bouts of "burning, aching, numbness" in my left hand and arm I've had in a few years.  My arthritis gloves and elastic wrist band didn't phase it.  Nor did two acetaminophen, so I finally broke down and took a hydrocodone ("generic Vicodin").  This alleviated it enough for me to get to sleep til morning, but it didn't by any means eliminate it---I still felt it.  I was also very nauseous from the after effects, and am even a little right now, which is why I don't care to take opoids if I can avoid it.

I think it was probably due to a particularly heavy day of work at my lawn & garden service, and, about a 2 hour bicycle ride around Spokane.  (I really enjoy these, even though I know there may be consequences.)

On eHealth forum, someone responding to my post said the only thing that cured her CTS was surgery, but that's not an option for me.  Of course, when I was standing up with my arm hanging last night, the pain subsided.  I thought massaging my elbow may have helped too, and repositioning my arm seemed to help, but only for a minute or two.

I just wonder if there's any special palliative for severe episodes like this, that'll allow you to sleep.  Fortunately, they're rare, but I'd lile to be prepared for when do they do happen, which could be more often since my work schedules increasing a lot lately.

Again, I know this may be a bad place to post this, but I just wondered if anybody had CTS & how they deal with it.  I know there's a zine called When Language Runs Dry, that even recently was taking submissions, but I didn't have the time to meet the deadline.  Also, what I read of the first issue had more politics than practical advice.


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Comment by kit feral on June 8, 2011 at 5:37am
I have no advice as I have only had it for a few years and have yet to find any good way to deal with it (I have a bunch of other health issues that have taken prescience) but I just wanted to offer my sympathy.  I know there's a zine out there called It's Not the End of the World: Building a Life with Limp Wrists with tips.  I hope you find something.

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