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Team Noggle!
Team Noggle is a wife & husband team that creates zines,music,spoken word & art. We are working on a few projects. this are  the projects we are doing separately,as well as our collaborations AND projects that we need other people to get involved in…If you would like to purchase something from us, everything is available on Etsy.

Los Esposos - a band jamie & i started last year that went nowhere! maybe someday we’ll write our own songs & record them! so far we’ve only done covers of nirvana,weezer,hole, screeching weasel,bikini kill …etc cd soon??? i also wanna start a riot grrl cover band :)
SPONTENACIOUS (JAMIE) is a project where all instruments and vocals  were a collaboration of my friend travis yost and myself. produced by equal participation and free range of independent recording and audio file sharing . this project was solely based on fun and free creativity. no particular genre or sound was focused on for any one track. maybe we achieved something or maybe we just had fun doing it. this is for us personally. music should be art focused. not just re-hashed radio garbage made for marketing your own ego…..or else what is the point…….. another element of this album is for you, the listener, if u care. in the same way we individually produced tracks for a finished collaboration, now you can collaborate with us! these are unfinished tracks that we ourselves sent to each other for the other persons input. so get out your old tape recorder, a microphone….. even if you don’t play an instrument, make noise with your mouth, or cans and a bucket or anything, just be creative damn it!! this project is still under way, and i will post links as it progresses…….. SMUT is a project that consists a wide variety of experimental recording. some tracks are in some type of timed format and others are trance-like noises electronic, feedback or otherwise. recordings may involve; altered electronics, circuit bending, keyboards, manipulation of cassette tapes, manual record looping, drum machine, altered voice affects, record/tape/audio-video/digital audio samples, manual computer synchronizing, and whaterever comes to mind. some of these recordings can be listened to on http://soundcloud.com/smut_noise ……

Spoken word
New Stuff: i am currently TRYING to write new spoken word material for a new cd. i hope to have a cd out in early 2012.
 STILETTO DEATHTRAP- JOLIE'S PROJECT WITH JULIE DILLINGER.a girl i met via etsy & facebook asked me to do some music with her. she is gonna sample some of my spoken word in her electronica music & we are gonna write some stuff together as well! so i am very excited about this project! hopefully this will be released sometime in early 2012.
Team Noggle is looking for all girl & female fronted bands for a cd compilation!!!! any style of music! just send 1-3 tracks with the song title(s) & yr contact info. we may do a zine to go along with it. all contributors get a free copy! please email if you are interested. mrsnoggle@yahoo.com

you can also email yr songs ( i prefer mp3 but it can be any format as long as i am able to covert the file to mp3!) if you would rather send a copy of yr demo (cd or tape) please email or snail mail.

music & spoken word compilations-we are working on 2 cd compilations.one will be music  & the other one will be spoken word.if you are interested in submitting something for either or BOTH compilations please get in touch with me for more information! mrsnoggle@yahoo.com everyone on the comp. gets a free copy! the finished project will be on cdr if you want to email a song or spoken word they can be any format but i prefer MP3! if you want to snail mail something, just email me & i will send you my mailing address.also,let me know what info you would like included on the cd booklet. yr name,title & contact info....i wanna have this out sometime this all so as of right now the deadline is February 2012.
PUNK ROCK ISN'T JUST FOR YOUR BOYFRIEND in 1997 i did a cassette compilation called "punk rock isn't just for your boyfriend"! actually it took about 3 years to get enough tracks to actually release it! but i have decided to make it available on cd becos it is AWESOME & kicks ass!!!& i also wanna compile a new version! the original was just covers of bikini kill,bratmobile & heavens to betsy. but i'm not gonna limit it to just 3 bands! i am gonna expand it to le tigre,sleater-kinney,hole...anything that that ROCKS & is considered a GIRL BAND. so PLEASE get in touch with me! all contributors get a FREE COPY! so please contact me for more info! no deadline at this time but get yer music to me ASAP!!!!


Contact Us:
Jolie: mrsnoggle@yahoo.com
Jamie: jnoggle82@yahoo.com


Team Noggle 625 West Division, Union City,Indiana 47390

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