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this summer has been hectic, as it usually is since my brain goes haywire every summer. i don't want to sleep or stop doing anything, yet i never feel like i'm doing enough. this is something that has been plaguing me for a few years now, but summer makes it more obvious. i have a million projects on my mind and in the works. sometimes i feel like i am just spread to thin to finish any of these projects. my to-do list just keeps getting longer and as it does, i fall into procrastination mode. the rainforest-like weather in here in minnesota this summer doesn't help the situation either. going outside for more than ten minutes makes you want to die, so errands become awfully difficult to run. i've needed to do a large print run of all of my zines (i'm out of everything!) for about a month now, and i just can't push myself to take that walk to the copy shop to spend hours in front of a copy machine. i've also needed to get to the post office to mail some packages out for a couple weeks. the packages are still sitting on my desk in a perfect little stack. if you're one of the people i owe something to, please know that i haven't forgotten about it, i just haven't gotten there yet. i apologize.

what have i been spending my time with? work (i'm a waitress and a bartender at a sports bar, and i kinda love it). i've been writing a ton, whether for myself, for future issues of regeneration, lists and outlines, letters to friends, and sometimes letters to no one when i have to figure out what's going on inside of my head. my boyfriend bought a vintage camera at a garage sale this spring and now photography has consumed his life and in turn consumed mine. growing a windowsill herb garden and sometimes cooking fancy dinners to eat in bed in front of the television (studio apartment life at it's finest). buying books like crazy so that someday i WILL have an impressive library in my home. oh yeah, and reading some of those books (some of my faves of the summer: the heroin diaries by nikki sixx, my horizontal life: a collection of one night stands, are you there vodka? it's me chelsea and chelsea chelsea bang bang all by the fantastical chelsea handler, marijuana cooking: good medicine made easy by bliss cameron and veronica greene, and wild succulent woman by sark). i started a personal photocopied clip art book for my zine-making adventures which is an idea i've had for a very long time and just got around to doing recently. while i was at it, i put together a binder of clipped magazine and newspaper articles (as well as my own tidbits) with recipes, craft ideas, interior design photographs and ideas, websites i don't want to forget, anything inspiring, etc. both of these binders are works in progress, but something i can keep and use forever. i turned 24 in june and got myself an industrial piercing (<3 it). my mother told me she accepts me as a real adult now. i've been learning how to keep a steady long-term boyfriend (something i haven't done since i was a teenager). all in all, life is good.

regeneration #7 was finally finished in the spring. i've gone through a ton of copies so far and heard some great things. amber (of culture slut/fight boredom) reviewed it on her blog, you can read it here. i was worried about what i might hear back about it, but so far everything has been pretty positive. only a little bit of concern from a couple friends. i can't wait 'til i get around to making more copies so i can send more out into the world.

once i am restocked on everything i will be setting up the etsy account that i've had forever and never really used. i feel like i'm wasting a lot more money than i need to with my zine ventures. i sent out close to 60 copies completely for free this last round. while i love sending my zine without charge and trading with whoever i can, it's weighing on me that i'm trading for a lot of crappy zines (or zines that i feel aren't equivalent to mine) and i'm not making anything close to what i'm spending on copies and postage. while i find a way to afford it, i would like some money coming my way here and there. but i worry that if i stop accepting trades all together, i won't get nearly as many copies into the world. such a dilemma!

i'm working on regeneration #8 right now. unlike the last couple issues that have been centered around a certain point in my life or a general theme, i'm going back to my old style this time around with a mix of lots of shorter stories about all sorts of things going on in my life. over the past few years while i was writing themed issues, i was also writing about other random things on the side. now it's time to get this shit out of hiding. this one's gonna be quarter-size and cute and simple. i'm ready to do something less emotionally draining. hopefully it'll be done this fall.

regeneration #9 is also in the works, but won't be finished for at least a year i'd say, and it's going to be different than anything i've ever done. the subject...marijuana. something that's near and dear to my heart and soul, and something i think people need more information on to lessen the stigma surrounding it. i want to see it legalized in my lifetime and i want to help the cause. so i'm putting together a huge zine with everything from interviews with people who smoke pot recreationally to people who have a medical marijuana prescription, information on the chemical and the plant, uses for the plant, history, recipes, fun stories, comics, art/photography, the legal shit, statistics, etc. anything and everything to help inform people about the anything-but-harsh reality of marijuana. i'm taking contributions and conducting interviews with anyone who thinks they have something that can help the cause. contact me if you've got something good [asregeneration@yahoo.com].


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Comment by kit feral on August 3, 2010 at 3:33pm
I have a package stack exactly like that... pretty sure there's one for you in there as well. Darn this hot weather! And I hear you on the trades thing. It's such a hard thing to find balance with. I did my first zine fest this past weekend and I accepted a few trades that were... well, not that equal, just because I wanted someone to notice my zine. I can be a bit forgiving with mail trades, since you don't know exactly what you're getting till you get it, but when you're standing in front of someone who's got a 32 page zine with a coloured card stock cover and you're offering your 10 page "cook book"... just, well, how do you get up the guts to do that?! I'd like a bit of the confidence, in a way, but it perplexes me why so many people don't seem to get the etiquette.

I'm really excited to hear about #9! I'm going to be talking a bit about that issue in my new zine, though not so in depth. If I come up with anything decent, I'll share. :)


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